Cowboys and Indies - CJAM FM - 2019 Fall Fundraiser

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I have been doing my program, Cowboys & Indies, for 30 years now. I

have had a love affair with British indie and alternative music for over 40 years of

my life. It's this love that inspires me to bring this music to you every week
through the radio show. The genres my show covers weekly are immense; British invasion,
freakbeat, mod, northern soul, prog, reggae, dub, ska, punk, post punk, new wave, C86,
twee, indie pop, Madchester, baggy, acid jazz, grebo, shoegaze, acid house, electronic,
Brit pop, post Brit pop, drum & bass, post rock, Noughties, and all subsequent revival
scenes since in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (inc. Ireland).
I love bringing my show to you each and every week. I can only hope that you enjoy
it as much as I do. So I need your help. I have to raise money in order to help keep
CJAM on the air. If I don't my show and the station at large are in jeopardy. Even if you
are not a weekly listener of the show or the station consider a donation of any amount
to help CJAM continue bringing music to the Windsor-Detroit area, including my show.

"Save Cowboys & Indies" "Save CJAM" "Save campus-community radio" "Save Windsor's local voice"

Gina Ramoz
Listening from Portland Oregon!
Anonymous $20.00
Sharon Cazabon $25.00
Marc Cazabon
Help Cowboys & Indies and campus community radio stay alive!
Erin & Kate Brennan
Lifelong fans of Cowboys and Indies. Keep it coming!
Adrian Scott $75.00

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