Indie Electric: CJAM FM - 2019 Fall Fundraiser

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Hosting Indie Electric and sharing my musical discoveries is always the highlight of my week. I'm proud to be a part of CJAM.FM and work alongside a group of passionate music lovers as well as participate in a platform that allows for the free-exchange of ideas. CJAM.FM is the only true alternative station in the Windsor-Detroit area that delivers consistent content that pushes musical boundaries and encourages the expansion of one's musical pallet.

That being said; we rely on you the listener to help keep us on the air. As a community radio station, donations from listeners like you allow us to deliver content that would otherwise go ignored by major mainstream radio stations. If you would like to see shows like Indie Electric, as well as our other great programs, stay on the air; then please consider donating. No amount is too small and is always highly appreciated.

- Bryan Wilson from Indie Electric

Brady Holek
Indie Electric is a great way to get pumped up for the weekend!
Janet Labadie
Good Luck Bryan!
the teddies $5.00
Andrea Wilson $25.00
Joe $5.00
Bryan Wilson
Help support Indie Electric, as well as the other great programs at CJAM.FM, by donating to our Fall fundraiser. Any amount given is highly appreciated.

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