The Freedom Principle for CJAM FM 2019 Fall Fundraiser

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It's an exciting time to be a discerning musical listener. Through the internet, it is now possible to hear an artist's music the day of it's release regardless of geographic location. Our mission is to share these releases in a timely fashion to support emerging and established artists.

35 years on the air, The Freedom Principle attempts to present music as a developing world jazz incorporating styles and rhythms which draw from indigenous sources. Afro-beat from Asia, reggae from eastern Europe, jazz from who knows where, we endeavour to bring the music to the CJAM community. After all, it is the strength and good will of the CJAM community that maintains this special place on the Windsor/Detroit border. CJAM would not be possible without your support. Thank you for your generosity.

The Freedom Principle rocks!
Greater Essex ETFO Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario $400.00
The Freedom Principle rocks!
The Freedom Principle rocks!
Lawrence Fawcette $250.00
The Freedom Principle rocks!
Neck $50.00
The Freedom Principle rocks!
Louie DeLorenzo $50.00
Marjorie Heinz
Almost there
Martin Gorski
For Tom and the Freedom Principle
Giovanni John Abati
Support CJAM!
Kate Fleming
Best local radio station and program!
Pablo Idahosa
High Tom. Thanks for all the great music.I have learned a lot and benefited enormously from your playlists. May the station thrive. All my best, Pablo
Yo Phlegm!... Thought I'd top things off! :)
Michael Husson
Thanks Phlegm!
Colin Mooers
Keep on keepin' on!
Dennis & Lee Ann Swartz $25.00
Jim Fleming
In support of Tom Fleming and The Freedom Principle
Michael Seal
Keep up the good work Phlegm!
You're getting there Phlegm. O
Michael Stout
A little tight this year Tom. Sorry!
Ken Adams
Hope last night went well Tom. Let's get together
Tim Gregorian
For my buddy Tom and all the great African music he puts on the radio every week!

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