The Freedom Principle

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The Freedom Principle on CJAM 99.1 FM strives to preserve and celebrate current world roots music, attempting to save it from extinction. This program views acoustic ensemble music as a developing world jazz incorporating many styles and rhythms which draw from indigenous sources.

Existence on a frequency within the crowded Windsor/Detroit market is never a given. It requires resources to not only meet technical demands, but also the manpower to meet the stringent rules and regulations of the CRTC who are constantly being lobbied and influenced by the larger corporate entities.

Your donation to CJAM 99.1 FM will ensure alternative/ community-based programming continues to have a platform with which to broadcast.

Any amount helps.

Please and THANK YOU!

Tom Fleming

The Freedom Principle

(since 1984)

Janet Andersen
Rock on!!!
Anonymous $50.00
Michael Husson
Go Phlegm!
Thanks for helping me discover some incredible music Tom!
Keep the good tunes flowing Phlegm!

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