Here's the TLDR: I'm doing another 5K -- this time with an interesting fundraising challenge for an awesome cause -- and I need your help to hit my goal! You in? You should be!

Here are the details: 

I've been doing 5Ks recently (Walking, mind you -- one of these days, I might run one, but this is not even close to that day) and I really like doing them. They're fun, a good way to get moving, kind of gorgeous depending on where you are, and they give you a fucking ton of bragging rights! 

There's going to be another on Saturday, November 20th at Eisenhower Park, but this one has a bit of a twist. Instead of a standard entry fee, you need to raise a minimum of $200. Honestly? That's pretty smart, not to mention a fun challenge! I personally think I can raise a little more than that, so let's bump the goal up to $300!

CP Nassau is a nice organization. They help children as well as adults with disabilities (Namely, though not limited strictly to, cerebral palsy) through schools, adult day programs, and some residential services. Check out their website ( and see for yourself! 

Want to know what I found especially cool about them? So, as I said above, I've been doing a few 5Ks lately (And researching future ones to participate in), and this is the first 5K with explicit options for differently abled people with different mobility needs such as using wheelchairs. It's literally in the event's title. I just like that! Those are the accessibility options that would just make the world a better place if they were more present.

Much like everyone, they got hit by the pandemic hard, and they could definitely use some help to keep on doing their thing!

Here are some full disclosure details for what I plan to do for this fundraiser: As I said above, I'm gonna walk this 5K. I'm gonna donate $30 to this at first since that's the standard entry fee -- I might donate more later, I might not. I get a medal for completing the 5K. I've very loosely interacted with CP Nassau through work and apparently, in the past, my family used their services and have donated to them in some capacity. Finally, if I don't raise enough money to participate in this 5K, I'll probably do another 5K on the day of the event.

I know there are a ton of other amazing charities and social justice/environmentally/human rights-focused movements that deserve your time, money, and effort as well, and if I will take -2,000% offense if you can't donate to this one. The world is still hurting in so many ways -- marginalized communities especially for as long as there's been pain to feel hurt from -- and there are millions of ways you can help others. I just want to bring some attention to the fact that this is another way.

If you do donate, I'd really appreciate it, and I'll try to do something nice for you in return. I'm a good proofreader and would be happy to look at a small piece you're working on. If we're in the same fandom, I can write you a ficlet (Or edit one you're working on). If you do a fundraiser in the future, I'll donate to it (Provided it's for a good cause, of course). I'm not sure if this thing lets me know if people donate, so give me a holler if you do so I can properly thank you!

Anyway, if you made it this far, thank you for reading, and I hope that I can get to my goal!

Jane Pace
I’m very proud of you!!!!! Keep up the great work. Love you
Robert Fox $10.00
Emily P
Donated! Good luck
Tracy Roca
Good luck to you & keep up the Pace!
Tina Carman
Atta girl Jenna!!
Kimberly Mann
Ann k
Keep going. You are doing great
Go Jenna!
Suzanne K
You GO GIRL!! Have fun and enjoy...
mike pesacov
So proud of all you do !!!
Jenna Pace
I'm 1/10 of the way to my goal! Wahoo!

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