Boar's Head Brigade Courageous Challenge 2022

"Not on My Watch" Learn More

Charlie Company of the Boar's Head Brigade is proud to once again support the work of Armed Forces Mission (AFM) in raising awareness about the risk of suicide. More than 22,000 individuals have participated in AFM's suicide intervention training. 

Funds raised through the 2022 Courageous Challenge will be used to train the North Georgia family, as well as First Responder agencies within North Georgia's 9th Congressional District.  

The need is greater than ever! In 2020 suicide in the 15 to 24 age group across Georgia increased 13% over the previous six year average and the Corps of Cadets lost one of our own only three days before his graduation in 2021. 

We are committed to the call "NOT ON MY WATCH!"  Your support for the mission is greatly appreciated.  

Sawyer Davis
Charlie Mike!
Megan parker $5.00
allison nuckolls
Anonymous $5.00
Stephanie H
Stay strong and keep moving forward.
Go team!
Mark Howarth, NGC '86
Charlie Rock - Continue Mission
Donald S. Stepney Jr.
Keep up the good work Charlie Company! I'm proud of you Thomas Maddalone!!! - Gunny
Go Charlie!! YAUR!!
GO CHARLIE, for jaelyn!
In memory of Rick Estes and Billy Shaw
Bert Colon
Jodi Glasco Isley
Go get it!!!
Eric Gunderson $100.00
Brian and Melissa Reid
In support of Asher Brinke
John Snow $100.00
The Carrs
In Honor of Asher Brinke
Jonathan Crawford $100.00
Mary Stamps Bennett
I am from the NGC class of 1968. Thank you for making us alumni proud!
Sam Gunderson
Cold steel quick to kill
Amy Forbes $100.00
Brianna Benfield :) $20.00
Jeslyn Kim
Holland Family
On behalf of Kobe Holland
Guy & Diane Maddalons
Per Thomas Maddalone request
Koonce Family
Such a worthy cause. Go Charlie Company!!
Steve and Karen Kish
John O. Febres Sr.
Charlie Leads the Way! Way to go Ziggy!
Sue McFadden
Proud to help my granddaughter and all who need the help!
Lauren C
Thomas Maddalone!! You’re doing great!
Bridget Carrig- Brickhouse
Proud of you, Thomas Maddalone!
Erica Ling
Proud to support Thomas Maddalone
James Maddalone
Thomas Maddalone
Thomas Maddalone
COL (Ret) Chris Bagley
As the former Charlie CO CDR (1984-1985) I'm happy to make a donation to this great organization that MR Ken Koon, my NGC Classmate, leads on a daily basis. HOOAH & GOD BLESS!
William Mitchell $100.00
Drew Maddalone
Thomas good luck from The Harvard Maddalone’s
Tunnie and Ellen
Go...Thomas Maddalone ... Go ARMY
In support of Charlie company for Thomas Maddalone
Steve & Stacey Kish $250.00
Rosita Garcia
Charlie leads the way!!! CSQTKCM
Michael Maddalone
Thomas Maddalone
Marie Lerch
Donating in support of Thomas Maddalone
Marquavious holbrookimous
Lauren Stephens
Referral from c/SFC Baker. Charlie leads the way!!
Rick Burrell
Go Charlie. Press on!!
Mac and Betsy McCormick
We honor you for your dedication to excellence and thank you for your unfailing service. Words cannot express how proud of you we are and how much we love each one of you. You will always have our prayers and support.
Tiffany Benfield $100.00
Cindy Frier
Susan Jordan made a donation for Brianna Benfield for Charlie Co
The Hejazi Family
Anonymous $20.00
Daniel Pope
Charge on Charlie Company
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $100.00
Cindy Frier $100.00
Alex Wiggans $100.00
Kobe Holland
Matt Rucks $50.00
Destiny Gabriel
Very proud of Charlie so far this semester, keep up the good work!!!
Daolet Landa
Audra Leonard
couture $100.00
lasserre $500.00
Michelle Barradas $10.00
Anonymous $20.00
1SG Febres
Proud of all the hard work Charlie has put in this semester. Keep working hard for this amazing cause, and making Charlie Proud.
Jaelyn Baker
Charlie leads the way! CSQTKCM
this donation is from Maxine Henderson of Inverness, Florida, who served as a nurse in the Air Force in her youth. She's 85, so I don't know the time frame. (I am Addilyn Koonce's grandmother.
Susan Morrison
In honor and memory of Colonel Billy Shaw, Charlie all the way,and from a former Charlie Sweetheart!
Anonymous $50.00
Brian and Emily Acker $50.00
Sandra Koonce
A wonderful project.
Sharon Chaveleh
Great cause, Addi and Charlie Company!
Anonymous $25.00
Keep at it Charlie! Charlie Mike!
John and Sheila Snow
This donation is in honor of Asher Brinkey our grandson. We love you Wright.
Tarwanda McClary
I support my Neice, Jaylen Baker!
Erik and Paige Brinke $200.00
Sandy Bishop
Great cause & great Company! Good luck in reaching your goal have a great school year!
Elizabeth Brown
Go Charlie Go
Zoe C
Having read about this training and intervention, I feel privileged to be part of it, knowing that my donation will help others when they most need it - Zoe c
McFadden $50.00
From The Bailey's
Let's win this one!
Tom & Kara Parsons $25.00
Jakob Lipsky
Good Luck, Thomas!!!
Sarah & Greg Maddalone
“Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking” J.C Watts #CharlieProud
J Brown
Because not all heroes wear capes.
Jackson Clendenin $10.00

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