Boar's Head Brigade Courageous Challenge 2022

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Alpha Company of the Boar's Head Brigade is proud to once again support the work of Armed Forces Mission (AFM) in raising awareness about the risk of suicide. More than 22,000 individuals have participated in AFM's suicide intervention training. 

In 2021, Alpha Company set a Courageous Challenge record as the first team to raise more than $3000. The Company Commander then raised the company goal to $5,000. Ultimately Alpha Company raised $8350 (35% of the total raised by all nine companies).  Help us lead the way again for 2022!

Funds raised through the 2022 Courageous Challenge will be used to train the North Georgia family, as well as First Responder agencies within North Georgia's 9th Congressional District.  

The need is greater than ever! In 2020 suicide in the 15 to 24 age group across Georgia increased 13% over the previous six year average and the Corps of Cadets lost one of our own only three days before his graduation in 2021. 

We are committed to the call "NOT ON MY WATCH!"  Your support for the mission is greatly appreciated.  

Riley Grome $10.00
Shane Serrao
Keep the faith !
The Voyles family $50.00
Julianne Sullivan
Great fundraiser.
Bob Babich
Way to go Alpha!!
Victoria Wade $50.00
Carson Haywood $20.00
Keep up the great work, Alpha Co.!
Lizbeth Astudillo
Had to fix that number.
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Tío Alex $300.00
Rodger Krass
Go Alpha
Wayne & Mary Brooks
Karon Duderewicz
Katie McGraw $100.00
Support of Micah Cramer
Joe and Leigh mcgraw $200.00
Riley Hasling $20.00
Miles Peek $30.00
S. Andrade
Anna Brown $30.00
Anonymous $70.00
Anonymous $25.00
Go Micah
Miles Peek
Can't let Charlie beat us now can we?
Sandy Scott Krous
Eli Rosser
Papajack and Gammy
In honor of our grandson,Lt.Col Christian Brooks.
Stay Strong Alpha company!
Irongrille $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Tara $50.00
Lisa McKenna
Go, Maverick and Alpha Company!!!
Granny. & Papamike
We are so proud of you Eli Rosser!! Love You!!!!
Miles Peek $20.00
Laura and Chris Smith $50.00
Susan Allgood $20.00
Miles Peek $20.00
Damian Pratt $100.00
Maverick Brown
I Declare God’s protection over you every day and that no harm will ever come to you.
Grome $10.00
Mike Parrish $150.00
Jim & Denise Cramer $100.00
Bill and Tracie Plott
For Plott
Sandra Maher
Proud of our Alpha team!!!
Micah Cramer $40.00
Anonymous $5.00
Connor Moore
Beat Charlie!
Riley Hasling $20.00
Lizbeth Astudillo
We’re #1 !
Dayryn Morales $60.00
Julie McClellan
For Maverick Brown
Anna Brown $10.00
Matthew Andrade
Big A!
Gregg, Dawn & Teeghan Jameson
We applaud you, Alpha Co., for reaching your goals in this extremely important endeavor. Cadet Rosser: We stand behind you. We honor you. Keep pushing. Hooah!!
Amy M
In honor and loving memory of Cadet Rosser’s father ❤️
Eli Rosser $100.00
Alec Porwal $25.00
Marilyn Martin
Thank you for staying strong for all your brothers and sisters in arms.
Patrick & Margie Green
Proud of your leadership Dylan Green! Go Alpha!
Doug and Robin Brown
Anna Brown $10.00
Anonymous $100.00
Christian Brooks $97.00
for Say Paw
Bill and Tracie Plott
Laura Smith
Damian Pratt
Damian Pratt
Aaron plott
Aaron plott - $20
Garner, Gillian
Garner, Gillian
Charles Corley
Dylan Green is my husband, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees
Sally R Merrifield $500.00
Christa Merrifield Floyd
Go Alpha! Continue to be the change
The photo of Mitchell is gold
Jonathan Lipscomb $1.00
George Thompson
Death before dishonor
Army mom
Joanne Hubbard $50.00
Isabella Hurst
Incredibly proud of both Chris Brooks and Dylan Green for leading the best company in the Brigade! DB4D
Christian Brooks $110.00
Rusti Blount
Not on my watch.
Poppa Sarge $30.00
Kristi Trowbridge $100.00
Chris Green
On behalf of Dylan from Uncle Chris
B Braden
Good luck
Jared Norrell $100.00
Sandra Sorensen
Good luck Dylan Green!
Natalee Plevritis $50.00
Mark & Dana Brooks
Goooo, Alpha!!! Death before dishonor.

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