Boar's Head Brigade Courageous Challenge 2022

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Delta Company of the Boar's Head Brigade is proud to once again support the work of Armed Forces Mission (AFM) in raising awareness about the risk of suicide. More than 22,000 individuals have participated in AFM's suicide intervention training. 

Funds raised through the 2022 Courageous Challenge will be used to train the North Georgia family, as well as First Responder agencies within North Georgia's 9th Congressional District.  

The need is greater than ever! In 2020 suicide in the 15 to 24 age group across Georgia increased 13% over the previous six year average and the Corps of Cadets lost one of our own only three days before his graduation in 2021. 

We are committed to the call "NOT ON MY WATCH!"  Your support for the mission is greatly appreciated.  

Cullinan Family
In honor of Ben Cullinan. Never give up
Likes $100.00
Diane Good
Go Delta!
Michele Martin
Go Delta!
Send it ! Everyday
The Anderson Family
In honor of Cadet Brady Anderson in memory his grandfather JB Anderson
The Siegele Family
Let’s Go Delta!
Bob Ryan
Be Strong
Luke Millaway
Go Delta!!
Jeff Dill NGC '85
Delta Dragons! Lead the Way!
DeForge Family $50.00
Jeremy Statton $100.00

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