Boar's Head Brigade Courageous Challenge 2023

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Golf Company of the Boar's Head Brigade is proud to once again support the work of Armed Forces Mission (AFM) in raising awareness about the risk of suicide. More than 25,000 individuals have participated in AFM's suicide intervention training.

Funds raised through the 2023 Courageous Challenge will be used to address the epidemic of suicide in the 18 to 24 age group which has seen a 100% increase in suicide since 2012 across the state of Georgia.

Strength for Life is the theme for the 2023 Courageous Challenge. We will bring our physical strength and with your financial strength we will continue to build a network of care that helps those at risk rediscover strength for life! Thank you for your support. 


Give today in honor of your favorite Cadet Company - GOLF!

Golf is on top again! Way to go.
Audrey Miller $25.00
c/CPT Bradley, Bellana
Thank you all for donating and helping us bring awareness to this close to home subject to most of us. Please continue to help raise money so that we can help other Soldiers to never feel this way.
Joe & Leigh McGraw
Katie McGraw (Alpha Company)
Monica Smith
Max Farmer, thank you for raising money for such an important cause. Thanks also for being there for Will when he needed it most. Love you, bud!
Stacie & Sandor E Karpathy
$25 each for Sandor Karpathy & Elena Longo Go Golf!
Mark & Dana Brooks $100.00
Sandra High $25.00
Tom Donahue $20.00
Aunt Dana $25.00
Pam Whitlock $50.00
Aunt Nissie and Uncle Doug
Good luck guys.
Kathy Booth
Such an important cause! Proud of Cadet Farmer, Golf Comoany, and all the other cadets at UNG.
The Farmer Family
Always ready. Always there. Good luck Cadet Farmer and Golf Company!
Aliyah Joyce $25.00
Corey Scheib $10.00
The Hardman’s
Go Golf!
Auxilium Alili
We love our soldiers! (Landen Cress’) grandmother
We love our soldiers! (Landen Cress’ mom)
Gena Harper $25.00
c/CPT Bradley, Bellana
CHDOW! We can do this Golf, let's reach our goal!
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $25.00
Cadet Mufson $200.00
Bruce Mufson $36.00
Ryan Jardin $50.00
c/CPT Bellana Bradley
You're never alone, never forget that. CHDOW

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