2nd Year - Thrive School of Worship 2017-2018

YOU can be a part of impacting lives in Sacramento, San Francisco, Mexico, and many other places! Preview

Hello all!!!

Please take a look at the updates from my first year so you can see what God has been doing through the school in which you have the potential play a major part!


Since August of last year, God has been bringing me into a new perspective of His love. He has been showing me even more that, through Thrive School, He was pulling me out of the environment that I had allowed to define me so I would be able to be defined by only who He said that I am. It has been an extremely stretching and challenging journey so far, but I have seen His hand resting upon and guiding me the entire way. Through learning how to be the example that He has made me to be, I have realized that I have been fighting against the very thing that He has created me to do – live my life as honoring to Him as possible and vulnerably allowing others to see that through success and failures.

Thrive School is a 2-year program through which I, along with several other returning students, will be able to step into a role of greater responsibility and leadership to be further developed by God and allow Him to use me in the school to disciple other students and church attendees. I am extremely excited for this opportunity as I have experienced the life change that Thrive School has facilitated in me, and I would love to have the opportunity to directly pour into others to have the same and possibly even better results than mine! I realize that a life without challenge like the one presented through Thrive School will never reach and possibly never even see the potential of a life devoted to God’s kingdom! If you are interested in knowing more details about this program, feel free to read about it on the website (https://www.thriveschool.info/worship-major). I strongly believe that the second year is my next step in following after God’s plan for this life!

This is where I need you. In faith, I am committing to be challenged, for one more year, with full-time ministry in California serving those in need of Jesus’s love, but I cannot do this work alone. Will you help meet this need? Foremost, I would highly value your prayers on behalf of my calling, and then I have one more request. My entire rough budget for the whole 9 months is $18,000. The option I’ll be choosing allows me to pay some tuition with 3 installments instead of upfront, so I have estimated for raising almost $2,000 monthly in order to be covered (meaning just 20 people could commit to $100/month).

Will you please consider financially partnering with me so that we can impact people (in California and other parts of the world) through ministry? Thrive program does not allow me to have a job within the 9 months of involvement due to the busy schedule, so I am humbled to say that I will still need you to come alongside me to make this happen. If you choose to do so, please inform me of your donation choices as soon as possible as I will need to make the second payment of $1800 before November 1st.  There is still one more payment of $1800 that will need to be paid before February 1st, 2018, and there are the monthly expenses that need to be covered between now and then as well. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me! 

Feel free to ask me for more information at devan.goforth@thriveschool.email or call/text (912)341-5269 with any questions or even just simply to talk to me. Feel free to even ask about cost breakdown. I would love to be able to update you if you would send me your current contact information also. I cannot express to you just how much I appreciate your prayers and considering being part of this wonderful opportunity! 

May the God of peace be with you and your family,

Many, many thanks!

Devan Goforth

Anonymous $200.00
Rick Rezzelle
Devan, Carol and I wish you the very best during your time at Thrive School. God Bless.
September high five from Cole!
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $500.00
Steve Brady $600.00
Justin Laib
God bless Thrive School of Worship for their great investments in you! I know you'll be faithful with this opportunity!
Allyson Bendell $20.00

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