2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

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Hi Friends and Family

This will be my 3rd full year participating in The Tour de Force Memorial Ride.  I originally came to know this charity when my brother Bill Pontious passed away in late July of 2014. Bill was a big part of The TDF family and these men and women have now become my family as well. 

TDF originally began to raise funds for those that died on 9/11, and it is always held during this time frame in remembrance of that tragic day. Over the years the charity has  began to focus on families of law enforcement officers who are killed in the line of duty. So when you donate, this is what your money is going towards. It is given to enrich the lives of families who are left behind. 

As many of you know , Bill was a 30 year Veteran Police Officer who died way too young of a heart condition he was unaware of. But what many of you may not know, is that it was Bill who told me to get my... you know what together and encouraged me to take the job withThe CT Department of Corrections (1988-2008) from which I am now retired. 

Last year, I was honored to submit the name of a Correction Officers family to receive funds and within days, a check was delivered to this family.

So it is with my sincere hope that many of you will find a way to sponsor me for this ride. Give a little or a lot, it doesn't matter because it all adds up.

Thank you for having my six and follow along on my Facebook page as The Ride draws near!

Tim Oakley
Sorry I am late!!
John, Morgen & Sarah Gaetano
We love you!
Kimberly Abell
Have fun and hurry back to the gym!
Gaylene Smith
Your Awesome !!
Jenn Dunigan
Happy to support tou and the wonderful cause. Best of luck!!
Lisa and Marti Miller
You go! ❤️
Ricky & Steve
Good luck honey!!
rick egner $20.00
Kim Waz
Go get em!
Kiley Flynn $25.00
Rob Cardini & Family $500.00
Judy Phelan Sue Stringer
Good Luck our friend!!!
Gloria M Pontious
Love, Mom & Dad
Michelle Williams $50.00
Rose "O-P"
Fantastic that you are doing this!!
The Dreger's
So glad to put you at your goal....love and miss Pont everyday!
Bonnie Duart
Good luck kiddo
Denise Zawilinski
Ken Kelly ☘️
Good luck Diane
Lonny Curtis
I thought I'd chip in a bit here. Having met Bill only maybe once, but knowing how great of a person and friend to my brother Kevin he was. Hope they are riding bikes in the clouds together :)
Diane Pontious
So proud of you!!
Corrine Cook McCarthy
Best of luck Diane!!
The Tomillo Family
You got this D! Miss you and good luck!
SkyeBlue Trebisacci
love you bella..... <3
Dwayne Spurley
brenda marti
Great Job Diane - Get Training!!!
Amy Montgomery
I got your back for a few reasons: (1) you're the nicest person I know (2) you tell the best stories (3) the count is wrong and we should smoke (4) you have a heart of gold (5) anything that is worth supporting to you is worth supporting to me because you are a treasure - the best kind of person there is (6) and, I love you my friend....
Svetlana Amodeo
Thank you for always giving back and paying it forward...
Kris Savage $25.00
Sue York $50.00
Sue Scheck $20.00
Jim & Joan Stearns $50.00
Rena R $20.00
Dina Lopes $50.00
Kyle,Malia, Taylor & Dylan $50.00
Lisa Cappuccio
Great cause, ride safe!
Joy Hyde $25.00
Colorado $10,050.00
Thomas Eckstadt $1,250.00
Orion Watts $2,150.00
Diane Pontious-Boas $2,725.00
John Gonzales $1,600.00
Michael Pitrusu $2,100.00

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