Celebrating Families this Holiday Season!

Join Family Promise in celebrating a decade of helping the homeless in the SCV Preview

What a year it has been!

Despite COVID-19 radically impacting our program when all 13 host congregations closed in March, Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley rose to the new challenges. We pivoted to provide remote case management to over 66 families and sheltered 10 families (28 people) in motels for 67 days.

But then something miraculous happened. A local donor couple provided the funding to buy a home which we renovated and furnished and now serves as our Transitional House. Two families moved in during September.

The youngest child was 14 days old! This is the power of community...what happens when you believe in hope and promise. Our program has changed to meet the needs of our homeless families during these challenging times. But your support is needed more than ever!

Until there are no children in the SCV experiencing homelessness our work will continue. And we cannot do it without you. Your gift offers struggling families hope and a better future. Your gift provides motel shelter, transportation support, and case management to all homeless families. 

This holiday season will you consider including our homeless families in your giving? 

Help us bring hope & promise to those who need it most.

Keely Family $50.00
Sharon L Dawson $100.00
Robyn Lewis $25.00
Dee Dee Jacobson $1,525.00
Wendy & Paul Ash
In Honor of Marie Edminston Ash & David Ash
Hetha & Gary Lee $500.00
Madelyn and Robert Maine/ Pathlight Ministries $50.00
Jacqueline Woerner
For Luke LaMenda
Debbie Gasper $250.00
Amber Alexander $500.00
Kathy Gilbert $25.00
Emily Louise & Eric Klatt $25.00
Michele & Steven Mehta $150.00
Angela & Brian Marler $1,000.00
Jonathan Demson
Roché great work
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Ken Striplin $150.00
Rachel Howe $25.00
Sara Gabriel $50.00
Anonymous $500.00
Charles Groves $50.00
Risa Rosenthal $150.00
Andy Gump staff $1,020.00
Ann Dodson $50.00
Christina Jafri $25.00
Anita Bazar $25.00
Sally Vasen Alter
Jack Beaver $240.00
Uma Vinayagam $200.00
Ann Kartozian $250.00
Linda dolan $25.00
Christ Church Santa Clarita $1,000.00
Ken Petersen $100.00
Annette Peterson $100.00
Monica and Tony Stewart $500.00
Nancy Gump $5,000.00
Bank of Santa Clarita $1,000.00
Kendy Varnum
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Bob and Sue Mallory
Roche, You are doing an amazing job finding solutions for the families in need. We continue to marvel at the wonderful work of Family Promise. Continued blessings in all you are doing. Blessings, Sue
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Anonymous $100.00
Janice Donyanavard
Keep up the wonderful work you are doing! My hope is that one day it will be unnecessary. ❤️
Kavitha Nair $50.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $500.00
Carmel Farnsworth $100.00
Blake Gebhardt $50.00
Peggy & Raymond Slaboda $25.00
Anna Martinez $40.00
Victoria & Brian Tomikawa $50.00
Rev. Melissa MacKinnon $300.00
Brenda Cambra $500.00
Joan Wishard $100.00
Valencia United Mothodist Church $500.00
Corina & Tim Davis $161.00
Keep up the good work and see you at the Sevens
Calvin Erickson $10.00
Beverly & Albert McCalla $25.00
Ana Maria & Craig Cape $25.00
Sally & George Worrell $25.00
Madeline Reaves $50.00
Leslie & Anthony Camaioni $100.00
Jack Marks $100.00
Mary Martin $500.00
Erika Sockaci $50.00
Wendy Bailey $500.00
keep up the great work
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Corina & Tim Davis $100.00
Anna Krupicz
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Maria Goellner
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Kristen Myers
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Suzanne Nofz
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Mark and Carrie Subbotin
Roché Vermaak
I hope that you are able to partially or fully match my donation to support homeless families.
Source: https://grouprev.com/FPSCV2020-roché-vermaak
Stelnick Family $1,036.00
Anonymous $25.00

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