Family Promise of SCV Giving Day 2021

Celebrating 10 years of sheltering homeless families in SCV Preview

2020 was a crazy year. After housing 4 families at our overnight host congregations, all sites closed in mid-March due to COVID-19. Due to higher unemployment, the number of homeless families led by single mothers rose dramatically. 96% of the families we served were led by single mothers who lost either their jobs, childcare, housing and/or child support. Thus, we had to increase the number of families we sheltered in motels from our budget since we don’t receive motel vouchers: 10 families for 67 nights.

During the pandemic, a donor couple donated the funds to buy a Transitional House. This was a huge game changer since all our host sites remain closed indefinitely. The first family moved in mid-September and we have sheltered 6 families thus far. Volunteers have supported families by supplying groceries on Sundays and meals on Wednesdays.

We still need your help as we continue to house families in our transitional home and shelter homeless families in motels.

Through our fundraising site you can create your own page and ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to support your fundraising efforts! It's easy and you can be an instrument of promise and hope for our homeless families! Just follow the simple on-line instructions and create your own page. Then use the link to email your page to supporters to ask for their help with our fundraiser. 

Let's make a difference together!

Most of our clients continue to be single mothers who are economically disadvantaged after raising children. These moms often lack the skills required in the job market, don’t receive child support, and don't have fathers who are in the picture. Some families, though, are two-parent families or have single dads. We welcome them all.

Please join our celebration and help us KEEP THE PROMISE THAT NO CHILD SHOULD BE HOMELESS!

Corina & Tim Davis $160.00
Sharon Dawson $50.00
Gabriel Prieto $25.00
Kim Leos $25.00
Devan Leos $25.00
Michael Ramirez $10.00
Alexea Herrera $25.00
Jackie Pida $10.00
Jean Vogel $100.00
Lucia Krupicz $50.00
Mary Grisaffi $50.00
Lynn Reaves $50.00
Maria Goellner $50.00
Amber Alexander $1,100.00
You are all doing a remarkable job at helping the many, many who need it.
Suzanne Nofz $900.00
Diana Hansen
Amber Alexander, I know how much this organization means to you! Hope this small donation helps!
Joan Wishard $100.00
Peggy Slaboda $50.00
Anna Martinez $50.00
Sister Martha Rojo $25.00
Julia Hans $100.00
Kathy & Don Brown $50.00
Anette & Michael Aiken $50.00
Leda Haylaz $50.00
Janice Baird $100.00
Jacqueline Woerner
For Luke LaMonda
Mary Leao-Martin $1,000.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anna :) $150.00
Good work
Joanne Allor

Barbara McCoy $100.00
So proud of you and all you are doing at Family Promise!
Becky Martinez-Goyette
Anonymous $250.00
Al & Anita Bazar $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
David Barlavi, Esq.
Thank you.
Jill Hawkins $25.00
The Price Family
God Bless you thank you for all that you do for our families in need
Melissa Dell $200.00
Roché Vermaak
Supporting families and pregnant women who are homeless.
Ralph and Donna Mundell $500.00

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