2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

20th Anniversary - Boston to New York City - Riding for those that are left behind Learn More
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Dear Friends and Family,

I'm excited to announce, I am partnering with Tour de Force Bike Ride - Cycling for those that made the ultimate sacrifice! and raising money for 2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride. 

Many know I had to trade my love of running in for something a little easier on my body, so I started cycling and it has become my new passion. While riding in my first FL Tour De Force, I met an amazing man, who never let me give up or get down on myself for not finishing a leg, and checked on me each stop, along with other Garda members. I will never forget his kindness, so this year, I am riding to continue honoring Senior Deputy Frank Scofield's memory. In addition, one of my former Roger Williams Univ. classmates, and former NYPD detective, was killed in the line of duty, so I am riding to honor Detective Brian Simonsen, as well.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and reaching my goal. You can donate now by hitting the “Give Now” in the upper right corner. Every $1 counts and no donation is too small :)

It only takes a few moments to donate and major credit cards are accepted. 

Thank you for joining me, and helping me reach my goal!


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