Jayme's fight against cancer

Such a sweet person got delt the wrong hand in life and she could really use our support. Preview

Jayme is one of the sweetest people I have known for about 20 years, and for some crazy unfair reason she was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Doctors at Harvard are still trying to narrow it down. Perhaps once she beats this, they will let her name it :) She has already undergone surgery to begin kicking cancer square in the face. However, there is still a long road ahead of chemo and radiation. We all know medical expenses can be insane and she is under constant medical care. I want to make sure that every opportunity to fight this is open to her and that no medical expense will hold her back to beating this. I believe in the power of prayer and also in medical science and I believe she will get thru this especially with OUR support. I ask for you to please pray and if you can help make a donation toward her fight, to please do so. Any amount is helpful. Her amazing husband, Daniel, and Jayme herself will be more than grateful. I too appreciate your support. Thank you so much.

Rebecca Brucker
Hope this will help Jayme a little bit!!
Aaron erickson
Mot much but hope this helps
Jenny and Michael Dillon
Love you.
Dave Wetch $80.00
Cyndy McBride $200.00
Chrissie Richardson $50.00
Dave Wetch $80.00
Jayme's fb support Army round 3
Your Friends care about you. Figure I will make the contribution direct here instead of you having to wait for a check. Round 4 here we go...
Marlenë Towers
Just a little something more from me. Love you so much
Melissa $25.00
I am a friend of Chrissie's. I'm a cancer survivor and know it can be tough. I'm keeping you in my prayers, hang in there.
Matt and Amanda Rossman $50.00
Brandon Jared $20.00
Tanna Fajardo $50.00
Mike and Jenny Dillon
Praying for you!!! Love you Jayme!
Cristian and Donovan at 2811 $50.00
Jennifer and Mike Dillon
Praying for you daily Jayme.
Valerie Giesen (Kinney)
I hope this helps Jayme and Dan. I know Jayme is a strong woman and Dan is by her side to help through this.
Jessyka $50.00
Bekah Hall $50.00
Hoepfner Family
We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! We hope you beat this and life a full and wonderful life!
Dave Wetch $100.00

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