I am ALL IN and ready to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!   

My back story is that I was raised in a single parent home in which my mother worked multiple jobs and fought cancer while she raised four children. I will never forget how many others and the local church came to our aid when our family struggled - financially, practically and relationally.  What has always impacted me was not how they helped but those that gave so generously never asked for anything in return. It was grace in action! 

The crazy thing is that is what Jesus did. He never invoiced the poor for the help he gave them. My desire is to help raise funds for those with tangible needs such as providing shelter, food, and clothing to those in need. 

It is my passion to be able to do for others in return for what was done for me. How will this change happen? In my opinion, the greatest vehicle of change for this world is through outreach and the local church. That is why I believe in church planting and I believe in the Cleveland Hope Center. 

This is why I need your help. I can't do it alone. Please consider making a generous donation to help me climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and impact the lives of others. Thank you in advance for your helping me to climb to the top & making a difference in this world.

Also, pray for the team that is going or even pray about going yourself! 

All donations are given to Journey Community Church and a tax-deductible statement will be available to you at the end of the year. Contributions are made and received with the understanding that Journey Community Church and its entities have complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. They may be used for other participants involved in the climb, The Cleveland Hope Center, Journey Missions, or Church Planting. No refunds will be issued to participants or donors, even if the climber does not complete the climb. If you have questions or concerns please contact us via email at: info@journeypeople.com

Pastor Jim I'm not sure if this is a biblical story but this was a story told to me .after a long journey that stopped to praise God about how far they came and where they were going next They broke bread and left pebbles as symbolic markers as to what they had accomplished and the things too come. TOuch ed by your "pebble" story today.. you can do this
D DeLembo
Go get it Jimbo!
Michelle Smith
God Bless
Frederick Suppes
My dear brother, friend and Pastor, Viv and I are so honored to help with your goal of funding the Cleveland Hope Center for Church planing and providing for the physician, spiritual and emotional needs of those who need Jesus and hope in Greater Cleveland! I am so personally proud of you as you steward the Church and people that God has given to you and Jennifer. You serve by example as you wo
Lori Combs
Praying for you and the whole team, praying for strength, safety and greater clarity and vision as you climb. Thank you for your faithfulness in leading all of us and following the vision God has given you and Pastor Jenn, can't wait to impact Cleveland more.
Jim and Natalie Pshock
Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city! We stand with you in the vision the Lord has put before you!
Deb Garner
Jim...Good luck and be safe out there!
Anonymous $50.00
Laurel Berger $50.00
pasta drive/final tshirt weekend
Jerry & Suzanne Jazwa $50.00
Jody & Jodi Chapek
Good Luck!
team tshirt sales 8/23-8/25
tshirt sales 8/23-8/25
Stephanie $100.00
Kili Fundraiser Dinner
team tshirt sales 8/16-8/23
tshirt sales 8/16-8/23
team tshirt sales as of 8/9-8/16
tshirt sales 8/9-8/16
Chris VanBuskirk
Go climb that mountain bro!
Love you bro! Be safe! When you climb high, close to heaven, blow mom a kiss for us!
Dave Martin $500.00
Ed Funderburk
So excited to assist you in planting churches & serving the Cleveland community. You are an amazing pastor & a good friend. I love you & Jenn as well as those handsome sons. Thanks for allowing us (Bethani & I) to participate with you! Love & blessings! Ed
Jake & Kendra Gailey $50.00
Janice Moore
God bless you!!!
Jim Wilkes
team tshirt sales as of 8/8
Jim Wilkes
tshirt sales as of 8/8
Brian and Kellie Gunter $50.00
Anonymous $500.00
May Mooney
Climb a couple of hundred feet for me. God Bless.
Lisa and Mike Brookbank
We can't wait to hear all about it. Gods blessing to you and God be with you on this miraculous adventure!!!!
John & Sue Michailuk
Fundraiser Night! We believe in you!
jeff helmink
God Bless you as you climb this mountain. Thanks for all you do as my pastor and for being such a good friend.
Pastor, you and Pastor Jenn Amaze me! Thank you for being you!! Thank you for truly being His hands extended!!!
Abigail Rodriguez
Cause I believe in what God is doing in C-Town through Journey and its people!
Chad Daniel
go get em!
Jared Riley
This is AWESOME!!!
David & Jennifer Eck $50.00
Rich & Michele Holiday
We love you Pastor Jim! May God bless you and help you to achieve your goal. We are praying for you!
Bret & Kathryn Callentine
we're "all in" for you going "all over" and "all up"
Zoe Tatar
We're praying for you...can't wait to see the pics! Love ya, Bryan & Zoe

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