2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Boston to NYC to raise funds for those left behind Learn More

Hello Friends and Family,

This will be my 5th year riding the Tour de Force 911 Memorial bike ride. As you all probably know this is one of the highlights of the year for me. I get to ride from NYC to the Boston Marathon Finish line over 4 days. During that time I will be riding to remember the tragedy of 9/11 and those that lost their life on that day. I will also be riding to honor the Police Officers that have been killed in the line of Duty. 

All the funds raised will go to families of those officer that died protecting their communities. I can't think of an easier or better way to donate to such a great cause, especially since I do all the work. Once the ride begins you'll be able to follow my journey on my facebook page. 

Please take 30 seconds and click give now. Using any major credit card you can show your support to this Nation's great Law Enforcement family. Thank you for joining me on the Tour de Force. 

GO Josh GO! You make us all proud!!
Ron and Barb GRAF
Proud of you Josh... What you stand for, What you do!!! God Bless you and your mission in life. Stay Safe my friend!
Andrea Garrison
Good luck Josh!
Goldbaugh Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation PLLC
Good Luck from all of us!!! You will do great!
Bob Gaudio
Proud to be the first in line, brother. Pedal on!

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