2019 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park to raise funds for those left behind Learn More

YEAR #7! Can you believe I've been cycling for the ultimate Sacrifice for 7 Years!  By this time if you know me, you've probably donated to this cause and it is greatly appreciated. If you don't know me please take a minute to learn about the Tour de Force NY. 

In 2019 I will join 300 other Law Enforcement Officers to ride from NY to Boston, more specifically from Yankee stadium to Fenway Park. We will ride those 300 miles for those Law Enforcement officers who gave everything for their communities. 

Click on the Donate now button and give an online donation, it's safe and secure. If you don't feel safe I will let you know how to make a donation to my page. 

Thank You all in advance for supporting the Law Enforcement community and the Tour De Force NY.  We will make donations to those families who have lost a loved one Killed in the line of duty. 

check in $500.00
Mom and Dad
We are proud if you!
Wheelcraft Bicycle
Wheeling, WV
So excited to have a better understanding of your training and how awesome this ride is for you to do! An amazing cause and great accomplishment. Have fun! Thanks for sharing your training!!
Goldbaugh Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation
Good Luck from Goldbaugh Chiropractic!
Alana Pentino
Good luck!!
Storms & Associates
Storms & Associates supports the men and women of law enforcement.
Ron and Barb
Keep Safe - Keep up ALL your good Work!
Brad and Lisa Shafer
Have a great ride!
Dave and Beth Weaver
Keep riding my friend! You make us all proud!
Mark and Pam Puglisi. $100.00
Beth Zebick $100.00
Ron Witt
Good luck Kernel! Thank you for your service!
Jamie Remp
Thank you for everything you do and for truly being one of Wheeling's Finest Officers!
Deb Stanton
Ride On!
Mike Ross
Great cause. Good luck buddy!
Anonymous $500.00
Jennifer & Shawn Rohrig
Good luck! Thanks for all you do in Wheeling!
Ron @ Barb
Josh- we are still proud of all you do. Glad we know you!... Keep up the good work. Keep on rollin' on!
Jody Miller
Thank you for all you do !!
Melanie Merchant
Excited to follow you again this year! (Although it would be better if you brought along a pig or goat...) Good luck!
Dan and Debbie Joseph
We're happy to support you again this year, Josh! This is a truly great thing that you do. We are proud to be your friends!
Kathryn Davis
Sargent Sanders, your such an inspiration to the community. And so thankful for the time, effort and guidance that you gave at the Citizens Police Academy in Wheeling, WV.
East Coasters $20,453.26
George Fountoulakis $4,575.00
Josh Sanders $3,065.00
Nathan Fowler $1,700.00
Harry Myers $1,650.25
Barbara Harper $2,643.00
Oscar Santos $1,485.00
Jeffrey Clark $1,405.00
Keith Castle $2,040.01

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