First United Methodist Church of Baldwin Mission Walk 2019

Raising funds for Youth Community Garden to bring fresh food to people in need Learn More
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A Garden is the place where God blew the breath of life into humanity from the soil. A Garden is the place where Jesus was buried and rose again. It is the place where the seeds, plants, trees, vegetables, grains, flowers and fruits will grow. It is the place where hungry people can find empowerment and nutrition for life. It is where we eat together what has been grown in a garden, and where someday, we will feast at the heavenly banquet.

To provide fresh, nutritious food to the hungry in Baldwin, NY by growing and gathering healthy vegetables for local food missions. The garden will be built, maintained and operated by the youth and multi-generational church members and local volunteers. Youth will be the core team to maintain the garden, worshipping and learning about Scripture and also will have a mission focus from working “for” persons in need of assistance to working “with” their parents, family, church family and community volunteers.

In-house Church Donations $1,423.00
Terese Olson $20.00
Linda Wiener
Good luck with the Mission Walk!
Rebecca Russell
Best wishes

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