One in six kids in the U.S. faces hunger. Preview

Over 12 million children go to bed hungry EVERY day in the United States! The hunting community has jumped up and said “WE CAN HELP”…and so can you!

Generous hunting enthusiasts have donated their white tail deer meat to The Blind Faith Foundation. We have joined with local meat processors to safely prepare and store the meat so we can feed hungry families in our communities. In the Texas Hill Country alone, we have fed hundreds of families in need during 2018. And this was ALL possible through these donations or your generous cash gifts that help pay for the processing and the purchase of grocery store gift cards, to help provide families with meat and other grocery items.

Starting today we are taking this program NATIONWIDE! We have had such success and support from the Hill Country communities that we want to help feed families nationwide with wild game that hunters donate to Meat2Eat chapters forming across the country.We have created a model that works well and we are sharing it with like minded hunting enthusiasts and volunteers to build their own Meat2Eat program.

Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation to support this program as we help set up chapters across the country to help feed families through generous hunters – like many of you – and generous cash gifts, for those of you that cannot get out and hunt!

We make it EASY for you to donate. And, The Board of Directors at Blind Faith Foundation thank you for helping us in this mission! 

Hunters who would like to donate meat, or anyone interested in finding out more about Meat2Eat chapters, please call Tim at 830.928.9777

My God bless you in this season of generosity!

Lisa O’Brien $20.00
May Sandy’s passion for the Lord live in all of us.
Ryan Bonam $2,500.00
Philip $1,000.00
Mercy Gate $50.00
Chae $125.00
Shelly & Chris
$43 for the 43 amazing years my Selena has been alive. Love her so much!
Anonymous $50.00
Pam Umstead
Thank you for your generous work!
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $200.00

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