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Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and raising money for FCA Lacrosse Intern Donations 2018. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

Michele (and Annie) Shipley $25.00
Peter & Chris McDonough
For Kim McDonough’s intern donation page
Madelyn Kissinger and family
You are an amazing role model for young women!!!
Avery West
Kim - you are an incredible role model for Avery and our girls and I want to make sure you are supported on your journey with Christ.
Ellen and Jim Lebbad $30.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $150.00
Aunt Chris and Uncle Pete McDonough $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $15.00
The Bonomos
Good luck fundraising! We are so proud of your decision to participate in this program. Congrats on earning the internship!
Maureen & Vince Trojan $50.00
Dave Nogaki $100.00
Margaret Kelly $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $75.00
Anonymous $20.00
The Rymsza Family - Go \V/ CATS! $50.00
Simone Koryszewski $250.00
Debby and Larry Rosati $50.00
David Gurski $50.00
Anne Beavan $50.00
T3 Lacrosse $100.00
The Lynch Family $100.00
Anonymous $35.00

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