2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

20th Anniversary - Boston to New York City - riding for those that are left behind Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Tour de Force Bike Ride - Cycling for those that made the ultimate sacrifice! and raising money for 2021 Tor deForce Memorial Ride. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

With Arms Wide Open Inc $3,000.00
Good luck
Seaford Avenue Corp
Massapequa, NY
Sue Wieczorek
Good luck to you and Sean!
Kevin Carroll
Merritt, Thank you for everything you do!!!
Karen & Scott Decker $40.00
Kerry Leahy Sprague
Go get'em Uncle Merritt Xo McKenzie, Kieran,Brennan and Owen!
Frank L Buscaglia $25.00
Diane Menig
Great job Merritt!
Lorraine Diehl
Good luck, Merritt!
Sue $25.00
Barbara Buscaglia
Thank you.
Connie Maughan $25.00
Mitch Garber & Greg Longworth $500.00
Frances Sullo
Keep up the awesome work and thank you for always thinking about me and the girls❤️
Bob Bennett
Great cause!
Bryan BELTRAMI $5.00
Christine Kinhackl
God Bless you for always helping those in need. xoxo
Lori Gunn $100.00
Sean Rooney
Good luck brother
Andrew Stimus $20.00
George and Trish $50.00
Mike Martinez $100.00
Pat Scanlon
God Bless!
Nicole Mahoney
Good luck Merritt!
Stuart london
Keep up the great work
Laurie Blom $100.00
George Triantis
Very proud of you!
Trish Braddick
Glenn L /TakeTwo
Good Luck Buddy All the Best
Marianne Govoni
Matthew Fatale
Keep Riding brother.
Kathy Araco
Good luck
Good luck brother !
Tom Sutton $20.00
Carolyn Taylor
Good luck!
Rick Foy
Good luck.
Keith Stone $100.00
Eric Boyian
Great cause brother!
Martine Materasso $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Keep up the good work
Andrew Stimus
God Bless
Dawn R $25.00
JoAnn & $20.00
Greg Harper $30.00
Michael Fragedis $20.00
Carol Gruenfelder
Good Luck! This is for a wonderful cause!
Nicole Duran $20.00
Neil Ambrosio
Good luck!!!
John Beattie
Thomas Coll
Good luck Merritt. I will see you out there this year. I'm riding with NYPD Cycling Team also.
Patrick Ward $50.00
Mike Kane $50.00
Dave Hennessy $10.00
The Scali Family
Dino and the entire family thank you for all you do for those in need. I am so lucky to know you from CRS and the Arms Wde Open Organization.
Matt Martin
Good luck Merritt!
Anonymous $20.00
John Cocchi
Good luck brother!
The Noll Family
Awesome!! You got this and there is no stopping you!!!
Kathleen Walsh
This is awesome Merritt! Have a great ride!
Janet Russo $100.00
Lyla and Connor Murray
Thank you for all you do, you are truly an inspiration!
Mike Petrillo
Awesome job as always my friend
Christine Munoz
Good luck !!
Mike Joyce
Great work Merritt
Donna Reina
Chris Parkin $25.00
Sean Gelfand $25.00
Doug Winn
Anything to honor my fellow brothers and sisters in blue.
Tim Sheridan
Good luck my friend!!!
Dr. Mike Daly
Good Luck Brother
Anthony Ambrosio
In memory of 2 detectives that passed this week. My partner John Mele and team mate Brian Maley, both from MS Narcotics.
Karin Reimers-Tringali
Great cause. Thank you.
Jim Kehoe
Best of luck! Enjoy the ride
Joe Marinello $5.00
Mike hevaghan
Good luck brother, keep up the great work. Miss our days together on the ice.
Dr. Stephen Wakschal
Robin Santerre
Thanks for the opportunity to help Merritt
Mushorn Family $20.00
Patricia kelly
All the best I hope you raise a lot of money
Maria Daresta $25.00
Was waiting to see you to give you another check! But this works out too!
Marty Tercynski
Katherine Z
Such a great cause, organized by a great person . Thank you for your service! God Bless
Al Caliano $25.00
Johnny P
Good Luck my Brother!!! Wish ya a great Ride!!
NYPD Cycling Team $50,821.26
Mitch Garber $1,400.00
Michael Fox $1,610.24
John Jacoby $2,610.00
Shirley Pinkney $1,455.00
Edwin Cesario $1,400.00
Yvette Puentes $1,965.00
Kathleen Arroyo $1,840.00
Elizabeth McGroder $2,084.00
Thomas Coll $1,400.00
Edgar Velez $1,400.00
Edmundo Rivera $1,475.00
David Veloz $1,400.00
Christyan Garcia $1,401.00
Ernesto Castro jr $1,405.00
Duane Archevald $1,400.00
Angel Ayala $1,505.00
Thomas Murray $1,550.00
Efrain Hernandez $1,475.00
Byron Paredes $250.00
JD York $1,400.00
stephen aquaviva $575.00
Merritt Riley $8,980.00
Sean Monahan $1,368.02
Gregory De MicelI $2,088.00
Rachel Crawford $500.00
John Sheedy $2,125.00
Andre Parker $1,915.00
kevin young $1,425.00
John Grieco $1,400.00
Nicole West $20.00

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