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Maha Mama was created to assist and elevate those that raise our future mothers. We leverage your practice of yoga, mindfulness, and holistic health to live a more empowered life so you can take back the feminine divine. The teachers and friends of Maha Mama are teaming up to help raise funds for NYC Midwives!

The 16th Annual Miles for Midwives 5K Fun-Run and Birth Fair is a fundraiser that brings together the birth and midwifery community, runners, families and midwifery supporters for a day to recognize and celebrate the contribution of midwives in New York City and the families they serve.

All contributions go directly to NYC Midwives, a membership organization of midwives residing and/or working in New York City. The chapter aims to support midwives and the practice of midwifery, while increasing visibility of and access to midwifery care in our city. 

Good luck Ashley. Love you.
Ashley Ann Jones $10.00

September 20, 2018 3:08 PM

I went to Prospect Park last night for a training session. I knew the park circuit was a little over 5K (3.1 miles) so my goal was to run the full circle without stopping and hopefully complete it in under 30 mins. There is one incline - which I call: The Incline of DEATH!! that poops me out every time! Those who run in Prospect Park know what I am talking about! It is not very steep, but it is a steady incline that goes on...and on......and on............and ON!!! I always want to quit right then and there! My body hurts, my lungs are burning, and I wonder why in the heck I decided to do this. And this is all in the 1st mile, by the way!! But once I finally reach the top of this incline and see Grand Army Plaza, I can finally breath a sigh of relief - it is all downhill from here! Literally :) I get my second wind and everything gets a tad bit easier! only 2 miles left! I ran 3.38 miles in 32:17 minutes. Although I didn't quite make my time goal of under 30 mins, I am still optimistic! I still have 16 days left train, but I am mainly doing this as a fun challenge, so I am not married to running 5k under 30 mins :)  If anyone wants to join Team Maha Mama, please do! We can help support and cheer each other on, whether we are walking, running, or cheering from the sidelines!  - Ashley Jones

September 20, 2018 8:56 AM

Holy Cow! We have surpassed our goal!! Thank you so much to Nancy for such a generous donation! 

We still have 16 days left to raise more funds! Let's help NYC Midwives and all the Mothers-To-Be!! 

September 14, 2018 2:25 PM

So excited for this year's race! Maha Mama leads the pre-race stretch to help runners and walkers get ready for their fun run! 

After you cross the finish line be sure to stop by our booth to learn more about us and what we offer to pre/postnatal professionals and mothers-to-be!

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