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Miles for Midwives 2018 Brooklyn

Miles for Midwives creates a physical space to reconnect as a community, as well as a day to honor ourselves, as hardworking midwives and hardworking families. All proceeds go towards NYC Midwives. Learn More
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Midwives helped both of my sons into this world. Birthing them was incredible, and I am passionate about supporting ALL women to know that they are capable of birthing without medical interventions in the vast majority of cases. The emperor has no clothes, in the U.S., women have been taught that birth is a terrible, dangerous emergency, and that their bodies are not capable of birthing babies. 

The 16th Annual Miles for Midwives 5K Fun-Run and Birth Fair is a fundraiser that brings together the birth and midwifery community, runners, families and midwifery supporters for a day to recognize and celebrate the contribution of midwives in New York City and the families they serve.

All contributions go directly to NYC Midwives, a membership organization of midwives residing and/or working in New York City. The chapter aims to support midwives and the practice of midwifery, while increasing visibility of and access to midwifery care in our city. 

Barbara Kevorkian
Go Sal, go midwives!
Janah Boccio
Run Sally, Run!

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