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Hello!! I am so excited to share with you that I will be going on a mission trip this coming June. On this trip, I will be serving as a leader over the high school students of Cypress Bible Church. This is a big step for me because we will be in NYC helping students as they actively engage people in conversation. I believe people need to be heard, so I plan on encouraging students to let people speak freely. I pray for the people in NY to have an open heart and for the students to have the opportunity to share what they believe in and why.

You are invited to take part in this mission trip! Prayer is crucial, so I ask you to pray for safety, boldness for the team, and softened hearts for the people we encounter. I trust that God will provide the necessary funds to send me on this trip. If you feel led to give, know that God will use it for great things. I can’t wait to share the Gospel with the people in NY and then come back home and tell you what God has done. God bless!!

Aaron Austin
Lets Go!!!!
Glen & Lynda Crocker
We will be praying for your trip that begins this Saturday.
Mick $20.00
Nathanael Austin $100.00
David Edwards $100.00
Titi Dorcas and uncle Patrick
This $500 is from your titi Dorcas and uncle Patrick Victome from New Jersey..
Ilich jr irias
Hope this helps, go save some souls
Marque McKey $30.00
Logan Gajewski
For your trip buddy
May this help, in any way. The Lord bless this trip, may you all be a blessing to those you encounter. In Jesus name. ✝️❤
Anonymous $100.00
Matt and Ashley
Happy to support you and to see the impact you have.
Sara,Esther,Ana, Carmen
We are praying for your mission trip! We Love You Frankie!

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