Daniel Archer

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Hello everyone! :)

Our team from Cypress Bible Church will be sharing the Gospel with those in New York City from June 25 to July 2. We will be going to multiple locations within the city over the course of our time there to engage with the people and have Gospel conversations with them.

God has recently been emphasizing to me the extreme significance of evangelism and discipleship. He made clear to me that if I am to live into my purpose and glorify Him, I am to 1. Love Him with all of my being 2. Love others out of a love for Him and 3. Make disciples. As a Christ-follower, I am called by God to tell others about Him and introduce them the story of His incredible love for them or help them grow in their faith.

This mission trip to NYC is a prominent way in which I can do all three of those callings even outside of those cities in which I usually reside. NYC is a strategic location in which to share God’s Good News because of the number of people and their variety of backgrounds. It is a great place for the Gospel to spread quickly and reach places across the world. I want to see God’s Kingdom grow and believe He’s calling me to follow Him in this way!

If you feel led to support me financially, you may do so here. Furthermore, please keep the people in NYC, our team, and lastly myself in your prayers, and ultimately ask that God would be glorified through it all. I greatly appreciate all your support! I will continue to post updates on this page for those who are interested. God bless!

-Daniel A.

Anonymous $15.00
Robert and Fredrikke Taylor
Matt 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples...Good luck on the trip!
The Newtons $50.00
Jim and Shari Archer
Daniel - We are excited for this opportunity for you to travel with this group and share the love of Christ with others. May you bless others as you have been and continue to be a blessing to us. Love, Mom and Dad
Gina Salway
Praying for you & the mission trip Daniel!
The Olivares $100.00
Laura Ann Rivera
Jones Family
So excited you will be on this trip with Atticus! Can't wait to hear all God does through y'all during this time! Will be praying for you and the whole team!
It’s not much but hope it helps! Good luck
Uncle Mike
Glad to help, Daniel.
Jacob Ruiz
Daniel! Super excited for you and the opportunity God has given you this summer! Praying for you this summer! I know God will work in and through you!

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