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What's up fam! Thanks so much for visiting this page as you may be considering partnering with me and Jade for our mission trip to NYC. I am so excited that I get to go and live out being missional with Jade on this last student ministry trip for me. I am so excited for Jade as she learns to share about the hope in Christ (temporal and eternal) that people can have as they place a saving faith in his name. Jade and I will be partnering with some local ministries along with going into parks to have spiritual conversations.

We would love to have you all partner alongside us in the following:

1. Prayer - this is the work! Please pray for us to both be bold in our engaging with people. Please pray for our faith to grow as we do ministry work. Please pray for us to truly learn how to live by the Spirit as we walk the streets of NYC. Please pray for travel mercies and our health to remain strong during our time in NYC.

2. Financial Support - We know that it takes a village to send out laborers. In partnering with us financially, you are not just helping us with the costs of the trip, but you are also sowing into the ministry work that we will do while in NYC. You will be a part of every single conversation that is had because you helped send us. You will be a part in every person we engage through the ministries we partner with because you are sending us. You are "going" with us as you support us.

Thank you so much for catching the vision of what could be as we go on mission to NYC. God bless you all!

Brian and Liz Carroll
Charlie and Sandy King
Praying that you reached many during this special trip together!
M. Steinhauser
Have always SO appreciated you and your sweet family!! Thank you!! I know this most recent trip was surely a huge blessing to many!! God bless you!
Katie & Dana Hong
Thanks for boldly going and sharing your love of Christ with these kiddos and New Yorkers! Many prayers and blessings for you all!
The Krippners
We are praying for another successful mission. Amazing work John and Jade. God bless.
Sandra Gusman
Safe travels and we will be praying for the Lord to use you both in powerful ways!
Jim Spackman $100.00
Sam Eddy
I am sure you will nail it!!!
The Hunters
What a joy it is to support you, Jade! Go share the hope we have in Jesus! Praying for you guys.
Anonymous $50.00
Brandon & Penny Moore $250.00
Anna Jones
Love you guys and praying for a fruitful trip!!
Ebby/Suma John $35.00
Men's 4th Quarter $107.00
Doug and Debbie Barnes
praying for Team Chang success and safe journey
Dave Edwards $200.00
James A. McGowan $100.00

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