Marc Coates

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This summer I am going to New York City with this team to spread God’s word and glorify His name. It will be similar to the trips we’ve done in the past, where our main method of outreach will be to go to parks such as Central Park or Washington Square and talk to the people there. We hope to let them know that we care about them as an individual, but more importantly that God cares about them and gave His life for them. Our goal is that of the man in Jesus’s parable of the sower in Matthew 13: to spread the seed, and pray that God provides the growth. 
If you would like to support me or the team, there are two ways you can do that:

1) This trip costs $1400, and I need help raising that! God always provides, as I have seen countless times in the past, and I am confident that God will provide now. If you would like to donate financially, you can do so on this page, it’s quick and easy :)

2) WE NEED PRAYER! There is nothing more helpful or impactful than prayer, and it is a great way to directly partner with us in what God is doing in New York. Some specific prayer points are:

-That we remain focused always on God’s will and voice during this trip

-That we are looking for opportunities at every moment to share Jesus, not just while at the parks

-That we remain united as a team throughout this week, and we help each other grow spiritually

-That God would reveal more of Himself to us and the people we encounter this week

-That through God’s will, we make every second of this trip count for eternity

Anonymous $100.00
God always provides, keep your trust in him!!
Grandma $100.00
Marc Coates
Very Proud of You, Marc!! God Will Keep You Safe on Your Trip!! Enjoy! PaPa
Leslie Alvarado $50.00
Ephesians 6:19 - i hope you give satan a headache

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