Campaign Title

Our Mission

1. Raise awareness of the harsh circumstances our severely injured service members and their families face once their life threatening injuries are stabilized.
2. Greatly improve the quality of life of our wounded heroes, focusing our efforts on each individual candidate's needs.

3. We are literally walking thousands of miles in honor of our brothers and sisters in arms. The initial walk, the first of many, is the Mountain to Sea Trail (MTS) in NC. Stepping off Jockey's Ridge, NC, hiking across the state, ending at Clingsman Dome at the NC/TN border, and then doing a yo-yo and returning along the same path back to Jockey's Ridge - a journey of approximately 2,200 miles. As we hike this path we look forward to the opportunity to share our mission and our faith. We hope to bring to light the silent struggle known as PTSD and to break the barriers of stigmatization. Simply to say “You are not alone!!” Donations
can be made to “sponsor” the walk by the mile, the walk, in anyway you choose! All proceeds are being donated to Nine Line Foundation. A respectable 501(c)(3) organization that is a 100% Volunteer Force that insures ALL monies collected go DIRECTLY to meeting the financial and specialized needs of our most SEVERELY WOUNDED VETERANS!


Who We Are! 

In combat, a “Nine Line” is an emergency medevac request, and is often the difference between life and death for the most severely wounded soldiers. Nine Line Foundation aims to serve in a similar manner, offering a lifeline once wounded veterans return stateside.

Our goal is to rebuild, strengthen and enrich the quality of life of wounded veterans---one soldier at a time

We are a 100% Volunteer Force so ALL monies collected go DIRECTLY to meeting the financial and specialized needs of our most SEVERELY WOUNDED VETERANS!

How You Can Help!

1. Become a supporter and donate to this initiative

2. Support a team that has entered an event on our behalf

3. Create your own page and encourage friends and family to donate on your behalf. 

Example: If you or a group of friends want to compete in a run, ruck, or other activity you can create a page, set a goal, and encourage friends and family to support your initiative.  Every dollar counts.

For more information please visit: WWW.NINELINEFOUNDATION.ORG

Customers and Employees of Sisters Cafe,llc
Thank You for your service, You, your journey and faith has truly inspired us. my God Bless you and Keep you Safe.
Chris Reder
Happy 241st Birthday US Navy!
David "All The Way" Tullos
Go for it you "Screaming Eagle" - "Airborne" - "ALL THE WAY"
Mother Hen Exterior Cleaning, Inc $550.00
DIGroup Architecture, LLC $150.00
Greg and Penny Tyson $100.00
Heidi Hamler $10.00
Patricia Tyson $50.00
Debra Manion
My son was one of the 22 on Jan 21, 2015. He did 2 tours in Afghanistan. Thank you for helping our Veterans.
participants in the fundraiser "Klok's Kicks for Vets" - students of Kloks School of Martial Arts $1,185.00
Jennifer and Andrew Hodak $30.00
Tabernacle Baptist Church $25.00
Pamela Hoppman $125.00
Richard Schultz $170.00
Bonita Meeks $45.00
Janet Lemieux $95.00
Sarah Jewett $100.00
Thank you for your service and devotion to helping others! I pray for safety and for the Lord to use you even more for Him! God Bless
Tabernacle Baptist Church $25.00
Megan and Dutch Hostler
An inspired couple / an inspiring couple. Keep up the great work, Michael and Wendy !!
Keep on Keeping on! ;)
Silent Auction and Donations at A Walk In Faith event
Thank you to everyone who came out to Rollingview Marina!
Steve and Penney Kronenwetter
Michael, God be with you and your Mission. And as the Irish blessing goes: "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields." Sending our thoughts and prayers as you continue your journey.
Chris and Lisa Reder
"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments but is woven into the lives of others" Pericles Your a good man Michael Boncek, Carry on until its ZERO! Bravo Zulu
Design Resource Group
God bless you,Mike. May you and all the true American heros be made whole again.
William Spivey
Bless you and thank you for what you're doing! I suport this cause and what you're doing!
Roger and Kerri Hill
Ruckersville, VA
Anonymous $10.00
Wanda Burns-Ramsey
What a wonderful cause. We are so proud of you.
Ken and Jackie Capecci
Will keep you in my prayers, Mike; cannot imagine what you men/women go through but I GREATLY thank you and your family for your service to this country and to my family. You are NOT taken for granted, I assure you!
Lisa Bierema-Reder
Christopher Reder
Profit from local sale of WalkByFaith Shirts
Thank you to everyone who purchased a shirt!! You guys are awesome!!
Penny Jones
Mike, I have been following you since your start, I appreciate what you are doing! So awesome! I hope you meet and even exceed your goal!
Chris Taylor $56.00
Adventure wouldn't be the same without you. Essentially, I'm glad you're around.
Martha and John Mason
Thank you for your service and for sharing your journey with us. Always praying for you.
Nellie Bobbitt @ Main Street Diner, Walnut Cove, NC
Thank you and all your Military Brothers and Sisters for the sacrifices you have made for our freedom. Thank you also for the sacrifices you and your family have made so that you could take this long and grueling journey to raise awareness for our veterans and what we take for granted. May God Bless you always.
pat billings
Well done. Great job.
Kelly Pergerson Hommel
Your sacrifices to bring light to this tragedy is awe inspiring. God bless you.
Profit from first run of "Walk By Faith" shirts $3,614.02
Christopher Gordon
Rakkasans brother!!!!!!
Eureka, NC Cash Donation $100.00
Thank You
Ron and Joy Wallace
In memory of my brother, Lexie R. Wallace, a veteran of WW II. He served his country proudly and lost both legs below the knees as a result of being wounded in battle. Yet he never complained and refused to let his injuries hinder him in anyway. He was truly a hero in many ways.
Keith Taylor
I meet Kimberly in Oak Ridge, following her walk lead me to yours.
Beverly Little $100.00
Klok's School of Martial Arts $100.00
Cash on trail - Wake Forest and Youngsville $81.00
Fernando Lugo
Professional Touch Paint. Met in Wake Forest NC. Thanks Mr. Lugo!
You ran into a colleague of mine near Wake Forest today, Michael Kimsal. He shared your story and immediately I knew I had to send a few bucks your way. I'm not much for religion or faith, but I believe whole heartedly in humanity and I can't imagine people who deserve some humanity more than those who have, perhaps, been part of some of the worst aspects of it. Best of luck!
Jason A Pickard
Wish I could give more right now, but will keep your website around and publish on Facebook to see if I can get some more.
michael kimsal $20.00
James and Debo Isley $200.00
Cash Donations on Trail
This is a lump sum of various donations received from wonderful people along the trail between Hanging Rock State Park and Falls Lake. Thank you all so very much!
Christopher Gordon
Rakkasans brothers RAKKASANS
Sandra Hobbs Wellman $50.00
Randy Meek & Family
God Bless you wishing you the best on your amazing and selfless journey.
Nellie Bobbitt $100.00
VFW Post 11173 Walnut Cove NC $80.00
The Walking Marine
Ashley Spivey
Hang in there brother! Praying for you and comrades!
The Rudisill Family
God Bless you for what you are doing. I have followed you from the beginning and it has been encouraging to see you overcome Mountains, literally! Keep the Faith!
Gene & Janis $50.00
Shirley Yeargin
May God Bless You on your Journey.
Michael, you have come so far from the last time I saw you....with your precious Aunt Patty who was my best friend. God has blessed you in so many ways, and may He continue to bless you on this journey, as well as your journey with Him.
Sorry there will be more later RAKKASANS stick together!!!!!!
You're doing great Michael! Oorah!
Matt Martin
Nice work Rakkasan; I'm proud of you!
Jim & Naomi Ball
Our family is so proud of the work you are doing! You are in our prayers! You are making a difference and changing lives! I'm so glad we can follow your journey.
Praying for you and all our military to come home safely!
Bert & Gordon Pinckney
Hi Mike, we met you in Avon, NC early in your walk. Thanks for educating us and sharing a great evening.
Love you Brother. Stay strong.
Good luck!
I admire you so much for what you are doing. Right now $20.00 is all I can do, but I will do more later. I pray God will keep you safe on this journey.
deanna mills
You are awesome, Mike!! Job well done Soldier!!
Cheryl Scholtes
Keep up the good work, Marine. Pledging $20 more later.
The McKenzies
Due to the horrible rain this weekend, my son had the opportunity to meet you on your journey. Thank you for your service to our country and for your continued service to all those who serve.
Jesse Boncek $25.00
You are wonderful! Good luck on the rest of the journey. :)
God bless you Michael!
Stay strong. 22 to many. Thank you.
Kelly Newby
Thank you and good luck!
Thank you Michael...We love you...Shonda and family
Wolfpack 2-6
Keep strong brother.
Stephnie $30.00
Wendy Albright
Sorry it couldn't be more this time. I'm just back to work. You are a great inspiration!!! My prayers are with you, Wendy and the family.
Dave Haring
Stay the course, Godspeed.
Wanda and Joe
Just a little something to say congratulations on have way. Stay strong and safe!!
a little for you
Kathy McIntyre Williams
Hello Mike, I appreciate you keeping the faith and doing what you are doing for your brothers and sisters of combat. I also continue to pray for your and those those suffering will find peace. Kathy
Anonymous $100.00
Steve & Cindy Ritter
Mike, thank you for your service protecting your fellow citizens. Please thank your family for their sacrifices in supporting you as you served in the military. Thanks for being willing to sacrifice again by taking on this mission of letting people know about suicide rate of veterans.
Cash Donations on Trail
Ms. Nellie Bobbitt $50 Anonymous $20.00
John R Crowe
Hi Mike and family. It was great meeting you and your precious family at Pilot Mountain last week.. May our wonderful Savior continue to direct an bless you and make you a blessing to many. John and Linn Crowe
Ella Strickland
May God be with you on your journey. Prayers for all who have suffered. I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing.
Renee & William Sparks
We're really proud of you, and may the Lord be with you every step of the way.
Tabernacle Baptist Church $25.00
I think what u r doing is wonderful. I suspect there is someone who lays heavy on our heart that u have also dedicated this walk to. God bless u on this journey and u n ur family always. Semper Fi. Walk w love.
We believe in you Thanks for letting us be a part
Talked to you at the post office. Safe travels.
Chris and Lisa
We are with you every step of the way Michael!
Sandra Mariotte $50.00
Rick Schultz
Michael, it was an honor meeting you at the lake. I thank you for your service and admire your strength and courage. This is for a great cause. Look forward to seeing you again.
Kathy Richmond-Schultz
May God be with you on your journey to bring awareness to our country in honor of all who have suffered. May peace, understanding and care be available to all who need it. God Bless.
The Pulley Family
Thank you for doing this to raise awareness of veteran suicide rates. Our veterans need our help, help that not only comes from other veterans, but from those that veterans have sacrificed so much to protect. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue this amazing journey.
Sandra Wellman $25.00
Dawn Campbell Johnson
I'm really proud of you Michael. I'm making my donation, not only in your honor, but in honor of both of my parents, both of my brothers, and both of my grandfathers who all served.
Hello Michael. I remember when you and Jon became "Navy seals" in the swamp here. Truthly I prayed for understanding of you two. Today I am proud of both of you! My prayers go with you on your journey. Be safe.
Keep on keeping on!
Mike, Keep trucking on buddy #AATW #EAGLEFIRE
Cash Donations on Trail
Dwight Shearin $25 Anonymous $50 Anonymous $20 Anonymous $25
The Meeks Family
Ron and Bonita Meeks - $50 Sam Meeks - $20
Jeff and Michelle Pelletier
It was such an honor meeting Michael and Shane. I have enjoyed keeping up with them
from one vet to another, God bless you
Darnell Alford
Michael I am so proud of what you are doing to bring awareness to these issues. It is obvious that you will "Fight the Good Fight" by making a difference in others live. God uses us in mighty ways if we allow him to. Love to you and your sweet family.
Haley and dio
Ur doing a good job love you
Kelly Laschober
*In honor of my friend, Sgt. Casey Rentz, USA, Retired, on his birthday.* Happy trails, Mike! Thank you for raising awareness & making a difference for our Veterans.
Stanley Young
Thank You Michael for your sacrifice to help our veterans
James & Sharry Akin
Thank you for doing what you doing! Safe travels!
Dave Haring
You will never walk alone. Godspeed
Marianna Boncek
Good luck on your walk!
pat billings
say hey to your momma and them. I got a lotta fond memories of the scouting days.
Kurt & Lorie Merschat
We want to Thank you so much for YOUR Service and ALL THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED in our military to protect this country. We have such GREAT RESPECT & APPRECIATION for all the men and women (passed, present & future) who have (& will) sacrifice(d) in so many ways to protect our SAFETY and our FREEDOM. May God truly bless you and your family.
Janet Harig
This trip that you are going to Master is so remarkable and much courage Praying for your health, safety and accomplish what you have in your heart .. May the Lord be by your side all the way .. God Bless You
Mike, I'm a friend of your Mom from way-back-when. We graduated the same year from Millbrook. I saw your video on FB that another friend shared. I think Sherry, had shared the map of your trek several days ago, too. Quite a long walk!!! May God richly bless you for your faith, your service, and your adventure to help other vets. May HE also keep you safe! Michael Buffaloe
Chris and Lisa Reder
Bless you for doing this. Look for us on Operation: New Trails to try and do our part to raise awareness and support as well.
Tabernacle Baptist Church $25.00
Bob & Kathe Herrmann
May the road rise to meet you May the wind be at your back May the sun shine warm on your face May God hold you in the palm of His hand. An old Irish blessing (slightly edited) that fits this occasion. Thank you, Michael, for your service and sacrifice. You and your fellow servicemen are what is keeping us safe, and keeping this Country great.
Donna C
God Bless you for your sacrifice and service to a needed organization.
Kay Hendricks
May our Lord be with you on this courageous journey.
Harris Family
Live what you are doing, love and support our Vets! God Bless you and this Country.
Ron Wallace
God bless you in your efforts to help our veterans!!!
John Brandli
Good Luck Michael, Semper Fi. John
Joe and Wanda Boncek
We're proud of your whole family for dedicating yourselves to a cause that supports those who defended and kept us safe at home. God bless you and take care of yourself while on your journey. We love you!
Landon and Candice Phillips $50.00
Adam and Tabitha Crawford $20.00
SSG Steve & Cathy Markham
Best of luck in your endeavors in this great cause!
Anonymous $50.00
Tabernacle Baptist Church $25.00
Tabernacle Baptist Church $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
Rog and Ricci
May God Bless you on this journey and always!! You and Sherry are amazing!! Much love to you both!!
Simone Hudson
Best of luck on your journey. Thanks for all you do.
Good luck sweet guy
Debbie Young
So proud of you & Kiley and all your efforts, hard work and training to support veterans!
The Mackie Family
We love you so much! And so proud of you!!!!! Love you so much! Lucy, Steve, Landon and Sofia
Tony Hardeman $50.00
Wendy Mcintyre Albright
I support your efforts, anyway I can!
Burt Young
Our prayers are with you
Josh T
Bill Boncek
We want to support you in your endeavors to help all veterans in their battles. Thank you for your service and all your help...good luck in your trek.
Pat billings
Thank You Michael Boncek . Glad to see you grown up so well. Lots of fond memories . Hope your family are well. It's good to seeyou doing so well.
Wildwoods Learning Academy
We are so proud of you!

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