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1. Raise awareness of the harsh circumstances our severely injured service members and their families face once their life threatening injuries are stabilized.
2. Greatly improve the quality of life of our wounded heroes, focusing our efforts on each individual candidate's needs.

3. My name is SSgt Geoff Hamilton and I am here to encourage those to aid me in giving back to some of our most deserving combat wounded. Our goal is simple and clear: to ruck/walk/march/run/crawl as much as we can with your financial support, generosity, and encouragement and enrich the lives of those who have truly given so much to us all as Americans. For every $10 donated to the Nine Line Foundation, our team (I am hoping to inspire those to join me in this quest) will pledge a 1 mile ruck march in honor of Nine Line's current candidate. The more we raise, the more distance we will cover across this great Nation of ours. Please, spread the word and join me in this great endeavor.

I was born and raised in Rome, Georgia and I am the son of a Navy/Vietnam Veteran.

In January 2007, the day after my 21st birthday, I joined the United States Air Force out of Colorado, did my Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX before being sent to Tech Training at Sheppard AFB, TX as a 3E4X1 (Water and Fuels Systems Maintenance).

In June 2007 I reported to my first duty station at Minot AFB, North Dakota where I served in the 5th Civil Engineering Squadron until December 2009. During my time at Minot, from August 2008-December 2008, I deployed with the United States Navy as a part of Operation Continuing Promise. While stationed aboard the USS Kearsarge (LHD-3), I spent time in Nicaragua, Colombia, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Trinidad, and Guyana, aiding in humanitarian aid/relief work and infrastructure support, renovating and/or constructing schools, clinics, playgrounds, supporting medical operations, and improving international relations.

In December 2009 through December 2010, I was assigned to the 8th Civil Engineering Squadron out of Kunsan AB, Korea where I served in a support role of the 8th Fighter Wing's mission to protect the Korean peninsula.

In December 2010 I reported to the 23d Civil Engineering Squadron stationed out of Moody AFB. From August 2011-December 2011, I deployed to Al Jaber AB, Kuwait in support of Operation New Dawn, supporting the largest troop drawn down since the end of WWII as apart of the 332nd Expeditionary Wing, which provided air cover/support from the troop exodus out of Iraq.

In January 2015-July 2015 I was deployed to Al Udeid AB, Qatar, assigned to the 347th Expeditionary Wing in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel/Inherent Resolve, supporting theater specific missions around the AOR.

The Nine Line Foundation aims to raise awareness and funding for our most severely wounded veterans. Please join TEAM NINE LINE and advocate for our cause. Our current candidate is Cpl Jessie Fletcher, a USMC Scout Sniper and true American Hero.

If you are interested in running for our cause, create your own team and encourage friends and family to sponsor your race. Together we can make a difference!

Visit for more information.

Please spread the word and WEAR YOUR CAUSE!


Who We Are! 

In combat, a “Nine Line” is an emergency medevac request, and is often the difference between life and death for the most severely wounded soldiers. Nine Line Foundation aims to serve in a similar manner, offering a lifeline once wounded veterans return stateside.

Our goal is to rebuild, strengthen and enrich the quality of life of wounded veterans---one soldier at a time

We are a 100% Volunteer Force so ALL monies collected go DIRECTLY to meeting the financial and specialized needs of our most SEVERELY WOUNDED VETERANS!

How You Can Help!

1. Become a supporter and donate to this initiative

2. Support a team that has entered an event on our behalf

3. Create your own page and encourage friends and family to donate on your behalf. 

Example: If you or a group of friends want to compete in a run, ruck, or other activity you can create a page, set a goal, and encourage friends and family to support your initiative.  Every dollar counts.

For more information please visit: WWW.NINELINEFOUNDATION.ORG

Ce Harrison
Praying Gods blessing on your heart and your mission with Nine Line. Thank you for this and your service. Peace. Ce
Spyrgos Anargyos $100.00
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $20.00
Team Rucking For a Cause $445.00
Geoff Hamilton $445.00

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