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Dear Friends & Family,

I am once again partnering with Nine Line Foundation to raise money for our nations Veterans through Operation New Trails 2018.  ONT2018 will consist of 5 days hiking the Colorado Trail at 11,000 feet and above.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal.  Together we will be able to make a lifesaving difference in the lives of so many Veterans and their families.

Thank you!

Our Mission

1. Raise awareness of the harsh circumstances our severely injured service members and their families face once their life threatening injuries are stabilized.
2. Greatly improve the quality of life of our wounded heroes, focusing our efforts on each individual candidate's needs.

How You Can Help?

1. Become a supporter and donate to this initiative.

2. Support a team that has entered an event on our behalf.

3. Create your own page and encourage friends and family to donate. 

Example: If you or a group of friends want to compete in a run, ruck, or other activity you can create a page, set a goal, and encourage friends and family to support your initiative. Every dollar counts.


VGC $575.00
Molly $100.00
S.Lewchuk $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
Dad $100.00
Go conquer this goal!
Denise Stilson $75.00
Judy Steinbaugh
Good luck! You can do it!
Shelly Landgraf
You're my hero!!! Enjoy the journey -
Kim Mann
You go girl!!!
DeAnn Lubiani
Good Luck Vivian!!! Hope you have a great time. What a great cause.
Annie Kilgour
Enjoy the hike!
Vicky Guerrero $100.00
Go get um Girl!!!
Don Orr
Good Luck and have fun
Cheri Rivas $50.00
Carol Herrick
I am so proud of you.
Best of luck!
Todd Campbell
Good for you Vivian! You got this!

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