Team Shamrock 2017

Support the groups on Long Island that support people with autism and related disorders by participating in the Autism Community Walk Long Island. Learn More
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Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for your wonderful support last year in our partnership with the Autism Community Walk!  We are walking again this year. You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

The Autism Community Walk supports advocacy, research and outreach for families and individuals affected by autism and developmental disabilities, and to support organizations that support our community.

I've been in close contact with this charity for the past year and they are 100% legit.  There's no black box - no unaccounted for funds.  I understand that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR goes to helping children and families affected by autism.  Here's what they've done this past year:

  • Worked with a broad coalition of groups to wrest an additional $50 million for a long overdue pay raises for direct care workers for disabled children and families.  This dramatically affects the quality of care available.
  • Successfully pushed the New York regents to retreat from their destructive policy of requiring students with disabilities to pass Regent exams as a requirement for a high school diploma.
  • Pushed hard for bills now co-sponsored by 2/3 of the legislature reforming the ineffective system of investigating abuse and providing emergency medical care for the disabled residents of facilities under the jurisdiction of the NY Justice Center.  Shockingly, the New York Supreme Court held that the Justice Center does not have the authority under the NY Constitution to prosecute crimes occurring in state facilities.  They are fixing.

  • Brought together the four legislators in Albany (two Democrats and two Republicans) who are parents of children with developmental disabilities to publicly call for an end to cuts and neglect of developmental disability issues.
  • Advocating for funding to research causes and cures for autism and other developmental disabilities.

If you know me well, you know that I am very careful about where I donate and whom I trust.  These folks are the real deal and I am personally matching donations up to $1,000.

Thank you for joining me!

O’Shea Family $1,000.00
Dave Hoffman
Have a great walk!
Edward Zacharias
rllw $250.00
Steel Family $100.00
Mary O'Shea $20.00
Chris McTammany
Sam Zoob
Emily & James Bronstein
Tim $100.00
Catherine & Matt Murphy
Love this, so proud of you! Good luck!
Greg Werner
Hey guys-- Hope all is well. Best of luck with the walk and fundraising! Best, Greg (and Karin)
Ben, Naomi, Samantha and Paxton $50.00
Team Shamrock 2017
Go Team Shamrock!!! You guys rock!!!
Robert Corp
Good luck Julie and Gerard!
Jerry and Celie $100.00
Marina Tsatalis $100.00
Gerard O'Shea $100.00

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