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Righteous Cause for Education - Lisa Weatherbee

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As a photographer, I have spent my career mining the infinite moments of the every day.  I am in search of the moments that feel real, those universal ties that we as human beings all share. Taking pictures is what I love, but I also consider it a personal opportunity to shine a light on issues that are close to my heart.  I create images that speak to education and strong role models for girls, that show women in empowered and leadership positions, and that depict family and love in all of its beautiful forms.

For some time now, I have been looking for a way to volunteer my talents and time with an organization that could benefit greatly from having someone come and tell the stories of their cause. This is why I am very excited to announce that I have been invited to partner with Photographers without Borders and travel to Tanoboase Ghana to work with The Thaakat Foundation and the Konadu Free Primary School.

Thaakat has adopted the small community of Tanobaose in southwestern Ghana to help provide education to children in need. Tanobaose has seen an influx of people in search of a safe space to support their families. Their children, particularly the girls, usually do not go to school. Clement “Righteous” Boamah saw this happening, and had a dream to build a free school that serves children left out of the existing Ghana educational system.

Since 2013, the school has grown from 2 students into more than 150, and now includes a mushroom and pig farm as well as an apiary. In a community where nearly 80% of women are single parents supporting their families, these projects as well as the school employ and empower women to make their own choices.

More about Photographers without Borders here.

More about the Thaakat Foundation here.

More about the Konadu Free Primary School here.

I am raising funds to cover my project-related expenses and travel costs. Any and all funds above my target goal will be distributed equally between Photographers Without Borders and the Konadu Free Primary School.

Your donations to this effort are sincerely appreciated in any amount. Every single person who donates will receive a personal message and postcard from my time in Ghana.

Thank you.  Every year, our photographers and videographers donate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of their time to document the work of grassroots initiatives that are making a real change in this world where it is most needed. By capturing, honouring and witnessing humanity at its best, we are not only inspiring many, but we are forging new narratives of what is and what is possible. 

You can help by supporting our photographers and videographers (See the side bar to the right to see fundraisers for our most recent recruits).

Each of our official photographers/videographers is assigned a GroupRev fundraising page by PWB upon acceptance. These pages are a privilege we offer that are intended to make our programs accessible to all and enable our volunteer photographers/videographers to subsidize or cover these necessary project-related expenses:

  • Airfare
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  • Travel Insurance

The following expenses are the sole responsibility of the photographer/videographer:

  • Privately arranged travel
  • Equipment & Equipment Insurance
  • Software
  • Extra Baggage Fees
  • Donation perks
  • Clothing
  • Postage/Postcard/Prints
  • Etc.

Photographers Without Borders® (PWB) envisions a world where we all put ourselves in each others' shoes and work together. Our mission is to inform and inspire positive change by visually communicating the ways that grassroots initiatives are addressing problems in their communities. PWB is registered as a charity in the United States with 501(c)(3) status and is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Canada. All donations are calculated in US Dollars and are tax-deductible for Americans and Canadians with US income.

PWB is not responsible for any donations made outside of these pages.

Any overage amounts raised on GroupRev will be donated with the photographers direction, 100% to the Organization, 100% to PWB or split 50/50, between the photographer's/videographer's assigned cause and PWB, which is also a volunteer-run organization.


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Cheque received in PWB Bank Account towards photographer Lisa Weatherbee
So excited for you and the great work you'll be doing!
Patrick and Nathan Wong
Have a fun trip!
Lauren Randolph $50.00
Roger Kisby $25.00
anjali and jacob
Best of luck, babe!
Good luck! Have fun!
Dan Busta
Dearest Lisa. Continue to follow your heart, and make your important pictures. Cheers.
Kristen Joy Watts
so excited for you!
Daniel & Stéphane
Notre chère Lisa, Nous te souhaitons pleins de succès dans cette aventure et nous sommes heureux de pouvoir y contribuer. Hâte de voir les photos!! Nous t'embrassons fort fort Tes chers amis, Daniel et Stéphane
Have a great time Lisa! Can't wait to see all of your beautiful images.
sam horine
Have a great trip!
Hey I know it's not much but I'm not working right now :-( This is awesome that you're doing this!!!
Kristen Kellogg
I can't wait to follow along on your trip!!!
Steph Goralnick & Dylan McCullough
Danny Noval $100.00
alexandra klasinski
Love ya bb!
James Weatherbee $100.00
Liz Devine $20.00
Jorge Quinteros
Absolutely love what you're doing with this! If there's anything I've learned about photography over the years is that it's never about one self. It's always about what one could do for others by utilizing the skills we have.
Tina Jeffries
Hi Lisa..enjoy your journey
Laura Weatherbee
Que te vaya bien!
Jack Jeffries
Go get em' Lisa!
Cavan Images
Proud to support you on this amazing project!!
Flora Fung
Hi Lisa, This is wonderful!
Monica Tsang $50.00
Jordan $50.00
Rima Baroudi
Best of luck and safe travels for this exciting adventure!
Alli Roberts
This is fantastic Lisa! I'm excited to follow along, please post frequently on Instagram!
Michael Cook
Hope you have a great experience!
I'm holding out for that personally signed postcard.
Amanda G. $50.00
Kyla and Jill $25.00

July 29, 2016 3:03 PM

hello all,  i hope this email finds you well.  it has been 2 months since my return from ghana, but i think of my time there every single day.  it is because of all of you that this trip went from dream to reality.  

a few bits of news:

most recently the work from my time there was exhibited locally at Rabbit Hole Studios in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and we were able to raise $500.00 in additional funds for Konadu Basic School.  this means so much to Clement, the founder, and to all of the kids and families that make up their community.  

i am starting to release stories onto my website, and if you would like to view the first gallery, please visit to see images from my day with Patience, a 12 year old student who continues to attend school despite many hardships at home.  

finally, i want to send each of you a postcard with my personal thanks and so i am asking that you please send your current mailing address to  postcards will be going out in the next few weeks!  

thank you always.  xoxo, lisa

May 13, 2016 2:39 PM

hello friends,

just want to say thank you to all of you so much for your donation.  because of you, i was able to raise 100% of my program fees and about 50% of my travel costs which is pretty amazing.  i am forever grateful for your contribution.  i head to tanoboase in just 2 days and i am so excited about the journey that lies ahead.  i look forward to sharing photos with you along the way.  i will have internet access while i am in ghana so if you'd like to follow along just visit me @jungletimer.  in the meantime, you can check out this video, made a few years ago, which gives a great introduction to the Konadu Basic School, their challenges, and to my gracious host and founder of the school, Clement Boame.

lots more to come.  thank you again.  


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