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Changing worlds with photography

I have been invited to work with the amazing humanitarian institution Photographers Without Borders (PWB). I will be going to Rajasthan – a region in Northern India – in the beginning of December, where I will be working with PWB and the NGO  Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan (RSKS India) to highlight problems of highest importance.

The Background

According to RSKS, over 27000 cases of violence against women are registered every year in police stations across the state Rajasthan. Everyday, 10 cases of rape are reported, and there is on average 3 dowry-deaths every two days.

People in India are disproportionately affected by poverty, discrimination, illiteracy, social evils. Most child marriages in India involve prostitution, sex slaves and rape, all of which come from a place of constant vulnerability and uneducated people and conforming ideas that have been going on for generations. I would like to stand with my subjects, learn about their stories and amplify them in an objective and honest photojournalistic work. I hope we can create a movement to fight against the oppressive system they operate within and regain some of their rights.

How can my photography make a difference?

I am a story-teller by heart, and a firm believer that the right image and message can change lives. In this digital age we experience an overflow of (mis)information, hardly the right stories are being told. This opportunity allows me to speak truth and create impact.

The journey

I will be sharing daily updates through my personal and PWB’s Instagram about the conversations (with the subjects/people) and other impressions I will be having during the two week visit/travel/stay.

The photographic work resulted from this mission, will be used to increase the visibility and clarity on these issues. By working with galleries and other institutions and organisations I will be able to further shed light on these matters. If any of you would know about such opportunities feel free to share these ideas with me (in order to support this cause).

How can you help?

When helping RSKS India, you are helping thousands of women, men and children from deprived and marginalised communities. All contributions (no matter how small) will help sustain the multiple empowerment projects being implemented in the areas, such as fighting violence against women and poverty, access to education and health services, and finding ways to secure a sustainable living, which in turn will help build back up the confidence and lives of many. For any donation above $100 dollars, I would like to send you my warmest and honest thank you, together with a 30x40 cm print of your choice from my photographic portfolio. I would just ask you to leave an email so I can contact you back.

It would be a big pleasure. 

Experiencing your support, would truly mean a lot to me.

Raquel Vieira da Silva

About PWB

Photographers Without Borders® (PWB) envisions a world where we all put ourselves in each others' shoes and work together. Our mission is to inform and inspire positive change by visually communicating the ways that grassroots initiatives are addressing problems in their communities. PWB is registered as a charity in the United States with 501(c)(3) status and is registered as a not-for-profit organisation in Canada.

Every year, our photographers and videographers donate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of their time to document the work of grassroots initiatives that are making a real change in this world where it is most needed. By capturing, honouring and witnessing humanity at its best, we are not only inspiring many, but we are forging new narratives of what is and what is possible.

Each of our official photographers/videographers is assigned a GroupRev fundraising page by PWB upon acceptance. These pages are a privilege we offer that are intended to make our programs accessible to all and enable our volunteer photographers/videographers to raise their program fees and subsidise or cover these necessary project-related expenses:

  • Airfare
  • Visa's
  • Vaccinations
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Please donate generously!

Learn more about PWB.

Any overage amounts raised on GroupRev will be donated and disbursed 50/50, between the photographer's/videographer's assigned cause and PWB, which is also a volunteer-run organisation.

All donations are calculated in US Dollars and are tax-deductible for Americans and Canadians with US income.

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