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This page was created in support of Photographers Without BordersĀ® (PWB)



Photographers Without Borders Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting the World's Best Wedding Photos contest benefiting Photographers Without Borders!

The suggested donation for entering the contest is 50$, though we appreciate any and all contributions.

A big thank you to our generous sponsors for donating some awesome prizes:

PHAITO - 3 months of free, unlimited editing (approximate value: 3000$)

TWO MANN U - Free semester (value: 3900$

Blair deLaubenfels at Art, Life and Business - 3-month mentorship package

About Davina Palik

Hi! I'm Davina, a former wedding photographer and educator, now a member of the Board of Directors of Photographers Without Borders. I am dedicated to volunteering my time both as an adviser and as a volunteer assignment photographer for PWB because I truly believe in the importance of the work they do to decolonize storytelling and amplify marginalized voices. They don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to support them and learn from their example.

I am so appreciative of World's Best Wedding Photos for hosting this really exciting photography contest with me to benefit this most deserving cause.

About PWB
We are a community of storytellers uniting to support our community partners on volunteer assignments through the
PWB Programand inspire new generations of storytellers through PWB School and our other initiatives and resources. Our mission is to make storytelling more accessible for communities around the world who are contributing to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goalsand UNDRIP. PWB is registered as a charity in the United States with 501(c)(3) status and is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Canada. All donations are calculated in US Dollars and are tax-deductible for Americans and Canadians with US income.

PWB is not responsible for any donations made outside of these pages.


Learn more about PWB.

All donations are calculated in US Dollars and are tax-deductible for Americans and Canadians with US income.

Joe Payne
Thanks so much for organising this!
Ruben Parra Studio
Thank you so much for your effort wish I can contribute more, if you need help down here in Central America ( Panama City, Panama) more than happy to help.
Berit Bizjak $20.00
Anonymous $200.00
Chantal $100.00
Sunny Mathur
What a great cause. Inspired by your ability to lead.
Logan Westom $100.00
Logan Westom $100.00
Jessica Ford $125.00
David Clumpner $100.00

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