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Our day of infamy, November 30th 2015. When Jace was diagnosed with leukemia, a cancer of the body’s blood forming tissues, Ann and I were devastated. We didn’t know a lot about leukemia but what we did know was that it is a life threatening disease. As a parent we were not allotted time for denial or time take in the heartache. We need to be strong for Jace and his three brothers as we were about to embark on the fight of our lives! Fast forward to today, Jace is thriving and is for the most part just like any other kid on the playground albeit his continued maintenance chemo through March 29th, 2019.

Jace’s leukemia diagnosis has opened our eyes to a part of this world that we were previously bind to, that being “childhood” cancer. If you ever see a CHILD fighting cancer it will change your outlook on life FOREVER!  We are one of the fortunate families, unlike many others, who are currently winning the battle against cancer but could not have done it alone! Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel it's time for us to try and give back and help other children and families battling cancer. 

Our team of supporters known as Jace's DEFENDERS is partnering with Grand Canyon University Foundation to raise money for Phoenix Children's Hospital and Children's Cancer Network as part of Run to Fight Children's Cancer 2017 and we would love to have your support in reaching or better yet exceeding our goal! 

You can donate right now by hitting the “Give Now” button and using any major credit card - it's easy and only takes 30 seconds. We appreciate it so very much, as do the cancer-fighting superheroes who face this terrible disease with courage and bravery.

Thank you for joining our team in the fight again childhood cancer!


George & Ann Hyduchak 

Blaine Donk
Best of luck and kicks its butt!
Bruce & Vivian $50.00
Sean, Minako & Rei
All the best!
Brian Coleman $25.00
Steven Smith
Nigel Cronly
Well done to you and your family..
Marc Ragot $20.00
Max and Sam Werkmeister $250.00
Jean pelkey $200.00
Manasse Family
Keep kicking cancer's ass Jace and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carter Family
While there are a zillion journeys you would rather take than this one, we admire your family's strength, steadiness and willingness to share it with us. We love you guys and are so happy to see Jace doing well! Hugs!!
Amanda and Rich Lastra
On behalf of Ethan Dupps birthday wishes and our support to your angel child! You are a super hero Jace!
Jourdon family
Sorry we could not make it to the run...Took the kids out of town for "Spring Break" weekend. Love you guys. So happy Jace is doing great and looking even better
Chris Arnone
Love you Jace!
Moments Found Photography
George and Ann... I saw you on TV and just want you to know that I'm thinking about you and your family. Alan
Martinez Family $50.00
Good wishes and Prayers for Jace and his family.
Keiko Murray
Good luck to all of you on the run tomorrow. Many prayers for Jace. Love and hugs, Keiko and Bob
Kelly & Luke Stohre
Ann, George, Jace, and family. We are always praying for your family and for Jace's full recovery. Good luck this weekend we will be thinking of you all.
The Caccavale Family $50.00
Suzie and Eric $100.00
Jace Defenders
Good luck Ann & George, great pix of your handsome son, sorry can't join you Sat, had surgery Wednesday , love Tim & Judy
Laura, Pat, Owen, Graham and Liam Stanley $50.00
The Fensters
Go Jace!
Jennifer $50.00
Sean Fallon $5.00
Sean Fallon
wishing Jace a quick and full recovery
The Kirkes Family - Kim, Scott and Tucker
You guys are amazing! Hope you have a great race day.
MC kee $200.00
Long Family
We are there with you guys in spirit! I am so sorry to not be able to run with you yet another year but just know we are thinking of you all and continuing to pray for Jace and for your family. Your strength and positivity in turning something so overwhelming into something so inspiring is nothing short of amazing! Love and Hugs to all.
Lisa Noble
Your family is a reflection of all that is good in the world and a model for overcoming obstacles. Here's hoping Jace has the best time as the honorary race starter on Saturday! He really is a superhero!
Shawn Hodgetts $25.00
The Irvine Family $20.00
Jeremy and Angela Tyler $100.00
Evan Tuinstra $150.00
Yusuke Sakaino
I would be speechless when I imagine that this difficult situation was happened to my sons. You and your family are super brave and glad to see that Jace is getting better.
Rick, Christie, Sarah and Ricky
We're so sad we can't be there with you on this amazing day. We will be with you in spirit. Go Team Jace's Defender!!!
Thanks very much for your kind appreciation - we hope our donation improve treatments and options for Jace and all who share in this fight. Stephanie, Kevin & Chloe
The Seapan Family
We love you!!
Jace's DEFENDERS community garage sale $160.00
DeeAnn Vida
Love from PA!!
Keep Fighting Jace!!!
Carol Jackson
Hi George, Hope this little bit helps. BTW my step daughter lives very close to address on your email. If I come to visit her I'll let you know. Would love to meet your courageous son! Will pray for him to continue to win.
Monte Huston
George, Ann, I hope Jace continues to improve and my heart and prayers are with you.
Joseph Martinez $50.00
Hun Joon Kim
dum spiro spero
Paul Bouthillier $25.00
Tom Zyburt
Hey guys. Glad to help out! PCH has done a great job for our autistic son. So glad Jace is doing well! Mel and Tom
Jim Speer & Susie Nusom
Really cool video . . . GO JACE!!!
Steve Norgaard
George, Ann and Jace, your story is an awe-inspiring one, and I admire all of you for your tremendous courage, perseverance and determination in the face of such a formidable, life-altering challenge. I wish you all the best, and look forward to hearing about Jace racing ahead of the pack during the run! Cheers, Steve P.S. I will pursue the match with Cymer as well.
Jeff Denney
Wishing Jace and your family swift feet during the race!
Hanks Family
We are glad to hear Jace is doing so well. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Tom Greenli
Im honored to sponsor Jaces run. Best of luck to all of you. Kindest regards, Tom Greenli
Rick B $50.00
Johns family
We love you guys, go Jace!
Loren & Lori Larson, Ian & Sara Larson
You two are great parents; You present a text book study of how to love & help a child with a deplorable illness. I'm sorry for what Jace, you both, & his siblings are going through, but I applaud how you're coping with this. I mean it.
Randy Tisdale
Praying for Jace to have a happy and healthy life! Best of luck to you all.
George and Ann, You are doing a great thing for the community .
Jace's DEFENDERS community garage sale $1,500.00
Jace's Defenders $7,815.00
Ann and George Hyduchak $7,815.00

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