“Our focus is not to build a church, but to make disciples who impact their own communities outside the four walls of the church.” – Pastor Jim Wilkes

I have been through many struggles in my life and I believe God has blessed me through every one of them. I've never been big on religion but I have always been very spiritual, that's why I feel at home at Journey. A few months ago I read a book that said "let me have supernatural faith" and that has really stuck with me. I feel God wants me to make this climb and so with supernatural faith I am doing it. I believe with the funds raised we can reach more than 10,000 people. I am doing this to help others in need and I'm so excited to be part of this fund raiser. Please support me on my journey to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the funds raised will be used for church planting, missions, and the Cleveland Hope Center. The Cleveland Hope Center is a non-profit that will provide resources like food, job placement, counseling, and outreach to those in need in Cleveland.

All donations are given to Journey Community Church and a tax-deductible statement will be available to you at the end of the year. Contributions are made and received with the understanding that Journey Community Church and its entities have complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. They may be used for other participants involved in the climb, The Cleveland Hope Center, Journey Missions, or Church Planting. No refunds will be issued to participants or donors, even if the climber does not complete the climb. If you have questions or concerns please contact us via email at: info@journeypeople.com

Michael and Denise $150.00
pasta drive/final tshirt weekend
Anonymous $1,000.00
Kili Fundraiser Dinner
team tshirt sales 8/16-8/23
team tshirt sales 8/9-8/16
Ruth Kawecki
team tshirt sales as of 8/8
Ruth Kawecki
tshirt sales as of 8/8
Margaret & Ronald Longoria
Good Luck!
Debra DeMaria
May you be blessed today in this endeavor and any others.
Julie Walborn
Good luck Ruth!
Naaman Torres
Ruth, best to you on your climb. I admire your dedication.
Anonymous $280.00
Anonymous $1,670.00
Ruth, this is your initial pledge

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