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Saint John's is in the middle of a funding crisis - you can help bridge the gap!

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Hi Friends and Family,

We are partnering with Saint John's Program for Real Change and raising money for Bridge the Gap! 

Our cohort recently had the opportunity to meet their dedicated CEO, staff and clients, as well as tour their amazing facility. St. John's program is remarkable and is truly changing lives -- we've been fortunate enough to see the significant changes the program makes in the lives of their clients first hand. Please donate at any level you are able to; your contribution will help St. John's program create more inspiring stories of strong women and healed families like these.

With gratitude,

Intel 12 Cohort (CSU Sacramento - Executive MBA)

More background on the funding issue the program is currently facing:

In September of 2017, the County of Sacramento ended its 15+ year partnership with Saint John’s to support 57 women and children. Saint John’s currently serves approximately 200 women and children and its daily wait list is now over 400 each day; skyrocketing from 250 as recently as June 2017. Operating the largest shelter in the region, and the only sober environment dedicated exclusively to creating real and transformative change in the lives of women and children, Saint John’s is facing a crisis of seismic proportions.

According to the County Staff, Saint John’s contract was not renewed due to the fact that we “only” serve women and children and that we are too “high-barrier”… literally meaning that we require too much of our clients including accountability and sobriety.

I am asking you to generously donate a gift of $130, which provides a family full support for 24 hours including housing, drug and alcohol counseling, parenting education, healthy relationship training and childcare.

Larry and Cathy Bienati
I am so proud of the Grit to Grads for your commitment to help this noble organization advance their mission to better the lives of women and families in need!
Konecki Family $134.99
vinod menon $130.00
Sachin Sane $75.00
Megan Richmond $130.00
Tarak Shah $260.00
Paul J Miller $25.00
Patrick and Cindy Ramos $50.00
Charles Pattillo $260.00
Kim $260.00
Olga Quinones
Anonymous $260.02
Kendria's friend
My friend Kendria lebeau recommended your organization. I also heard a story on CPR about the funding loss.
Arpit Shah $260.00
Suzie Changus $260.01
Intel 12 - CSUS EMBA $2,600.02
Suzie Changus $2,600.02

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