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What does $130 dollars look like to my family?

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Hi Friends!

As some of you know, Saint John's Program for Real Change is near and dear to me. When Shawn and I moved to Sacramento in 2012, I had read an article in a local magazine about their program and how they were creating real change for women and children who desperately needed it. I recognized that this was going to become my new community...our new home, so I started volunteering for them back in 2012, while I was pregnant with Will, because I firmly believed in their mission and the work that they were doing. 

What some of you might not know, is that two weeks ago I became an official employee at Saint John's! This organization has not only given the women they work for a sense of place within our Sacramento community, they have helped me find mine as well. Which brings me to this fundraising campaign! (Life has a way of coming full circle!)

In September of 2017, the County of Sacramento ended its 15+ year partnership with Saint John’s to support 57 women and children. Saint John’s currently serves approximately 200 women and children and its daily wait list is now over 400 each day, skyrocketing from 250 as recently as June 2017.

I am asking you to generously donate a gift of $130, which provides a family full support for 24 hours including housing, drug and alcohol counseling, parenting education, healthy relationship training and childcare.

I now see, every day at WORK, what real change looks like! I've asked myself "What does $130 dollars mean for my family? What does that really look like?" I'm asking if you'll consider making a donation, of whatever amount you feel comfortable with, to help me reach my goal of $3000. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more!  ~ Amy

Cheers, aunty
The Stock Family $25.00
Kim White $290.00
Anonymous $50.00
Heidi Frame
Amy McCuaig
Real change is just around the corner!
Garry J.
Congrats! Keep making a difference.
Erica Frith
Go Amy!!!
Colette D
Best wishes and thoughts to you!
Saint John's Team $9,608.00
Olivia Woods $570.00
Rebecca Sloan $725.00
Christy Glime $0.00
Pamela Kay $0.00
Sasha Wirth $2,383.00
Karen OHara $2,520.00
Ethan Flanagan $0.00
Kelvin Kimball $0.00
Marva Moore $0.00
Brynna Arneson $0.00
Amy McCuaig $640.00
Michele Steeb $2,270.00
Scot Sorensen $500.00
Marc Cawdrey $0.00

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