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Hi Friends and Family,

For those of you that do not know, I recently returned to work full-time to support the mission of Saint John’s Program for Real Change. This is the job I have been preparing for my whole life.  Here’s why:

While you may know me now as having been a successful businesswoman with college degrees, or as a golfer or world traveler, I started out in life like many of the women in this program. I spent time in the foster care system, had no family support, was pregnant at age 15, and was a victim of domestic violence. I only had a 9th grade education until I was in my 40s, as I struggled to raise my daughter and son as a single mom. Of course, I wish there had been a program like Saint John’s to help me then.

I share this with you now to let you know that I am partnering with Saint Johns Program for Real Change and raising money for Bridge the Gap!

In September of 2017, the County of Sacramento ended its 15+ year partnership with Saint John’s to support 57 women and children. Saint John’s currently serves approximately 200 women and children and its daily wait list is now over 400 each day, skyrocketing from 250 as recently as June 2017. Operating the largest shelter in the region, and the only sober environment dedicated exclusively to creating real and transformative change in the lives of women and children, Saint John’s is facing a crisis of seismic proportions.

According to the County Staff, Saint John’s contract was not renewed due to the fact that we “only” serve women and children and that we are too “high-barrier”… literally meaning that we require too much of our clients including accountability and sobriety.

I am asking you to generously donate a gift of $130, which provides a family full support for 24 hours including housing, drug and alcohol counseling, parenting education, healthy relationship training and childcare, and ultimately, job placement.

Laurie Laney $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Is there some hope of getting the county to reconsider?
May Ruth Lynch & Anne F. Lynch $130.00
John Liddle & Deborah Dunn
Shirley Wheeler $100.00
William & Frances Granger
Karen Humphrey
Kerry Wood
Can't think of a better cause!
Anonymous $130.00
I am proud to be your friend! So proud.
Bonnie Penix
Glad to help!
It was wonderful to meet you and be inspired by you yesterday. Keep up the good work! Thank you for your passion.
Chris and Jay Westbrook
What a wonderful cause, Karen. We wish you the best.
Nicki Bagley
I posted on my FB page and reched out to a few people. You have been training for this position for a long time! So happy for you
Saint John's Team $9,608.00
Olivia Woods $570.00
Rebecca Sloan $725.00
Christy Glime $0.00
Pamela Kay $0.00
Sasha Wirth $2,383.00
Karen OHara $2,520.00
Ethan Flanagan $0.00
Kelvin Kimball $0.00
Marva Moore $0.00
Brynna Arneson $0.00
Amy McCuaig $640.00
Michele Steeb $2,270.00
Scot Sorensen $500.00
Marc Cawdrey $0.00

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