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Saint John's is in the middle of a funding crisis - you can help bridge the gap!

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Dear Friends and Family,
As a Board member of Saint John's Program for Real Change, I'm helping to raise money for the Bridge the Gap Campaign.

As you may be aware, in August 2017, Saint John’s was told by the County of Sacramento that its 15-year partnership would not be renewed due to the fact that we “only” serve women and children and that we are too “high-barrier”… meaning that we require too much of our clients including accountability and sobriety. What’s more, Saint John’s is still waiting for reimbursement from Sacramento County on over $800,000 it has already expended for months of employment training services. This all comes on the heels of having expanded our capacity in July 2017 by 90 additional women and children daily in an attempt to reduce our 400-family waiting list.

I am asking you to generously donate a gift of $130, which will sponsor one family for one night and provide a family full support for 24 hours including housing, drug and alcohol counseling, parenting education, healthy relationship training and childcare. I'm looking for 100 of my friends and family to sponsor one family for one night to help reach our goal of bridging the gap in funding.

Thank you for your consideration,


Sun family $150.00
Kathy Hank
So happy you and Ann continue with this vital cause. Two great folks leading the way. Thank you for supporting people in need ❤️
Douglas Huff
Thanks for the opportunity to support this great cause Phil!!
Jayme Riggio $100.00
Jeff Mac $130.00
alan $130.00
Anonymous $130.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Saint John's Board $36,110.00
Michele Wong $1,100.00
Kevin Peterson $530.00
George Miller $705.00
Dawn Davison $2,185.00
Russell Austin $430.00
Phil Telgenhoff $6,160.00
Minnie Santillan $0.00

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