SEIZE THE DAY ... for Veterans and First Responders!

5.4M US sufferers of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). 414,000 service members suffer from TBI. ** Preview

Our Veterans and First Responders are trained to help others and as a result are not very good at asking for help themselves.  As a result, SUICIDE among these groups is high and getting higher/worse!

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), injuries, depression and many more afflictions strike these men and women. 

Through our Wellness Center, HEALING can begin.  


We have secured 165 acres in Costa Rica... Now we need some funding to add the buildings, power, water, etc.  Would you help us develop this first of its kind wellness center?

Please consider a contribution to our capital campaign!

We've made it real simple... 

TEXT  "10"  TO : 779-213-0100

"10" represents your gift amount.  You can change it once you're in the giving campaign or you can enter a different amount at the start.


You can give right here on this site!

ALL, Yes 100% of this giving campaign will go to this Costa Rica Wellness Center fund.  

Please GIVE and SHARE!

When you share please ask your "friends" to Seize The Day and Take Action - TODAY!

Our Goal is $150,000 to develop the center, build out the infrastructure and more... at $10 per, that is 15,000 people... Please take action today and give and share and appeal to others to do the same!

We have a team assembled to begin work on the property... just need that extra funding boost to get construction related things moving.  Please consider helping us out!


Learn more at Life Readiness Center

Thank You,

Steve Durgin, Founder/CEO

Victory For Veterans

** According to Veteran's Administration:

Ken Landgren
Keep it. I don't want anything in return. Just good results!
Marian R Mitchell $30.00
Kerry F Harkins $100.00
Joe Meisch
This is the commission for Temple Massager sales.
the Remembering.Live Team $100.00
Charlie Brown
In memory of Bill Tirrell, USN retired
Tzion T Tran
Steve, I salute you and Mikel for everything you are doing for veterans and everything you plan to do in the future. It's a honor to contribute to your cause and VFV.
Robin D Brown $100.00
Kerry F Harkins $100.00
Let's get this deal done!
COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs
Working hard to support veterans and the future of the Wellness Center
THANK YOU Veterans and First Responders!
I am excited to help Veterans and 1st Responders... Keep up the great work!
Gene Lawrence $20.00
PO1 Tony Holland $50.00
Please help this group reach their goal to bring healing to our Veterans, First Responders and Care Givers!
Fred "SARGE" Bucci
COL Mikel J. Burroughs, A small gift to your organization from mine. Please add my web site to your web page and I will reciprocate. Strength through numbers.
Tony Almeida and Michael Turner
In honor of the marriage of Tony Almeida and Michael Turner. Congratulations!
In memory and honor of SSG Mark Kuzinski. RIP
Lt Col R D Brown
Charlie Brown
Allen Bartel
This is for 50 roses at Ft. Logan
A Proud Soldier's Father
God Bless our troops, let's take care of them!
Kirk Poe
Victory For Veterans is a great organization that supports holistic healing for the invisible wounds of Veterans
Amanda Patrizi
Here are your donations from our Sensi Connect night! Sending you lots of love!!
COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs
Great Non-profit and let's get those Wellness Centers up and running for our veterans and first responders.
Mikel Burroughs
Steve this is the money collected at the Lighting of the Star Event in Castle Rock, CO
COL (ret) Mikel Burroughs
Let's get this Wellness Center up and running for our veterans Denver and surrounding Cities. I know there are some big donors out, so let's make this happen. COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs
Let's get this rolling and make a real impact
This is awesome! Hope it really takes off. I'll share this with my groups.

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