Ray Porter Memorial 6 Hour Cancer Benefit Race - 2018 Edition

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Hey Friends & Family,

If you know me, then you know these two things about me:  I love to ride Mtn bikes and I hate cancer with all my being.  I lost my mom, Linda Weeks, on March 5th, 2006, almost 12 years ago, to Ovarian Cancer.  She was 56.   My son, Aidan, was 3 when he lost his grandmother.  My mother never got to meet my amazing wife, Julia, or my other son, Tristan.  

When my brother from another mother, Mike Baker, told me about his club’s, Big Pig, cancer charity ride and how 100% of what they raise goes to assist people dealing with cancer, I was instantly in.  Mike also lost his mother to cancer, so this is personal for both of us.  

So, let me give you the facts. First, they set up a 501C3, so whatever you donate is 100% tax deductible.  Second, in honor of our mom’s, and the money you donate, I’m going to drive over 750 miles and ride my bike for 6 straight hours on a course I’ve never ridden, rain/snow or shine.  Donate what you can, every dollar counts!  I personally know of a family dealing with cancer and this club wrote them a check for $2,500.  This club & ride are legit, just like my intentions of riding the whole time!  Let’s kick cancer’s ass!

Bill and Dee Pittenger
What a better way to remember your mother! I know she would be very proud.
Heather Weeks
So proud of you for doing this Shawn, wish you luck riding a course you don't know. Your guardian angel will be there with you every bit of the ride!!!
Shawn Weeks
Putting my money where my mouth is, with the goal of kicking Cancer in it's jejunum!

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