Team Haney: First Tee - Manhattan's 14th Annual Golf Marathon

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The Haney Family is planning to participate in the 14th Annual First Tee - Manhattan Golf Marathon on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th and playing 100 holes on the Colbert Hills Par 3 Course to support this wonderful local non-profit youth organization. Charlie was able to experience his 6th year in First Tee - Manhattan and completed his Par Level certification this summer and volunteered with the TARGET level program. Chloe completed her PLAYer Level certification this summer and is looking forward to starting the Par Level in 2021. Both kids truly enjoy the programming, staff, and making friends!

First Tee - Manhattan had another successful year with 450 youth participants who participated in summer and fall programs at Colbert Hills Golf Course. Due to COVID-19 we were unable to conduct programming at 6 of our outreach locations including the Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp, Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan, and Manhattan Catholic Schools. We remain optimistic that we will be able to return to all outreach locations in 2021 and continue to impact hundreds of youth through these programs. The First Tee National School Program was taught in 19 elementary schools in USD 383, USD 475, and other local elementary schools where over 7,500 students engaged in a structured golf curriculum that promotes personal character development through the First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits.

Each certifying participant pays from $39 to $89 for registration fees and the organization receives several compliments about offering an affordable youth development program in the area. However, the average cost per participant is approximately $250 so to offset the registration fee difference the chapter raises money through grants, individual/corporate contributions, and special events such as the Golf Marathon. The Golf Marathon participants have a GOAL to raise $20,000 total to meet our challenging budget needs.

To help ensure this organization can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of youth, we would like to ask for your support with a per hole pledge that will make a difference for The First Tee of Manhattan? The Haney Family is making a personal commitment of $3.00 per hole for a $300 donation.

Feel free to pledge ANY amount and your donation is fully tax-deductible! If you would like to know how much you have pledged in the past just let me know and I'll reply with that information. Every dollar raised will stay with the local chapter and every $250 donated allows one youth to participate in our certifying program!

Best wishes and THANKS again for your interest to support this meaningful and impactful youth development organization,

The Haney Family 

Tyler Dillon Painting Inc. $100.00
Charlie & Rebecca Claar $250.00
Gerard Tank & Steel $100.00
Dick Renfro $25.00
Steve Martini $25.00
Brian Berlin
great job Haneys!
Dan & Mitzi Richards $50.00
Sandra Reilly
Ben & Carrie Boyle $50.00
Mark Gros $20.00
Chuck Heinz $20.00
Linda Bongers $150.00
Ben Foster
Good luck and have fun!!!
Mo and D’Anne Latimore $200.00
Traci Cole $25.00
Mitch Bradbury
Good work Haney Family.
Dan and Ronda Wassenberg $200.00
McGrath Family $50.00
Jerry & Deb Braden $300.00
Lon and Barb Kruger $200.00
Mark Knackendoffel $100.00
Jill and Levi Schneider
Way to go Haney Family! Enjoy the course!
The Walczaks
Thanks for all you do!
Paul Coffman $100.00
Hattrup Family $40.00
Tim schultz
Have fun Bernie.
Nick Esterline
Good luck Bernie and Family, hope you are all well!
Brad Fagan $50.00
Jerry & Sherrill Myers $100.00
Daran Neuschafer $100.00
Bill & Gwyn Sanford $500.00
pete and debby hughes
keep doing the work that is important!
Duane & Kathy Koster $100.00
Rod McMullen $25.00
Grant Witcher $200.00
Anonymous $500.00
Chris and Terri Albers $100.00
Amy & Nick Graham $300.00
Daniel C Arthur
Have fun!
Alan & Lanie Engle $100.00
Gary & Jennifer Jones $100.00
Ty Swarts
Go get em' Haney Tribe...kick your dad's butt Charlie!!!!!!
David Pickering $500.00
BV $40.00
Dick & Dan Fankhauser
Good Luck Bernie!! from Dick & Dan Fankhauser
Bob and Jill Campbell
Christopher & Kristin Miller
Go Team Haney!!!
Joe Richards $250.00
Mark Tucker
Hit them straight Bernie!
James Anderson
Great work Team Haney!
Alternative Air $500.00
Abby and Jay
Have fun kiddos!
Derek & Lynn Nelson $100.00
Scott Munsen
Good Luck
Mike & Patti Goehring $50.00
Bob Johannes
Good Luck
Scoby Bros. LLC. c/o Luke, Ben, Jacob Scoby
Thanks for all you do, Bernie!
Grover and Mary Beth Simpson $100.00
Simmons Company - Bill & Gareth
Got Team Haney!
Brian and Haley Miller
Good Luck!!
Russ Ringgenberg
Bernie, Good cause, good luck this weekend! Go Cats!
Jim And Linda $200.00
Justin Stein
Good Luck Bernie, Charlie and Chloe!
Charley & Nancy Cole $50.00
Aaron & Rawley Philpott $50.00
Bob Bramhall & Jan Marks $100.00
Evan Grier $50.00
The Coglizer Family
Hit em straight, Haney's!
Pat & Rita Keating $250.00
Back 9 Development $100.00
Haneys East $100.00
Family & Implant Dentistry
We are happy to support! Family & Implant Dentistry
C. Linders $200.00
Gayle Barta
Good luck on the weekend
Geoff & Katie Schillare
John and Sandy Butler $50.00
Ben Fair $150.00
Cary Renfro $50.00
Lowell & Stacy Kohlmeier $150.00
Tim & Shelley Norris $50.00
Brad Pfeifley
Have fun.
Mike Beck
Lindsey Elliott Vaughn
Go Bernie!
Aaron Snook $250.00
GOLF USA $100.00
Bennington State Bank $250.00
Ernie & Dee Beaudet $150.00
Greg Armbruster $150.00
Rodney Helus $50.00
Steve and Robbi Grogan $100.00
Marc Jaimes $30.00
Good luck this year!
Warren & Mary Lynn Staley $1,000.00
Ron & Joyce Lutz $250.00
Ryan Kerschen $150.00
Lorenza Lockett
Appreciate what you do my brother! Stay safe.
Howard Family
We love that the First Tee tradition continues!!!!
Max & Marcine Beins $100.00
Howard & Patricia Sherwood $250.00
Craig $100.00
Steve & Nancy Graves
We appreciate the efforts you and your kids make to support the First Tee program. Don't freeze to death!
Jennifer Neville
Good Luck Haney team!
Ross Grynkiewicz $100.00
Jill Cox
Go Haney Kids!
John Shields
You and your family look great Bernie. Good luck with your outing! John Shields KSU Golf '87-'90
Kevin Bryant
C.B. McGrath $200.00
Cindy and Jeff Koon $25.00
SMH Consultants $150.00
Tara Cupps
Hi Bern - good luck to you and the children - hope all of you have been safe and healthy and hope to see you soon. t&t
Allison Penner Disbrow
Go Haneys!!!
Jerry and Linda Kuckelman
Good Luck!!!
Mark Hogan $200.00
Tom & Barbara Holcombe $500.00
Randy Vautravers $100.00
Patrick Karcz $50.00
Matt Badsky $250.00
Lisa Vanderpool
Rex & Kathi Haney $250.00
Thad Hall $100.00
Jason Dechant
Well done Haney boys. Keep it up!
Doc Wright
Another hole-in-one?
Jayson and Libby Cyr $200.00
Lance & Kara White $200.00
Rich Kerschen $100.00
DK Specialties $50.00
Mark Whitehead
I am doing this primarily with anticipation you will get her into some K-State Gear.
Susan Domann $10.00
Terry Arthur $100.00
Steve Roesler $100.00
Mike & Jaclyn Reilly $100.00
Jim & Lynn Heinze $100.00
Scot Wolfington - Coonrod & Associates Const. $300.00
Steve Johnson
Thanks to the Haney Family !
gary deserrano
Have fun, Bernie. Thanks for all you do for the kids and the All Pro Tour! APT Staff
Dirk & Sherri Daveline
Thanks for doing this for a great cause.

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