Support Kevin Dubois & Team Quell in "Run For Peace of Mind"

2017 New Balance Falmouth Road Race Aug 20, 2017 Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, just two years ago my cousin Kevin started the Quell foundation with the mission of removing the stigma associated with mental health. It's been amazing to watch the things he's accomplished in this short period of time:  Everything from speaking at the White House to the distribution of $150,000 in scholarships!  One of the ways in which he is able to raise money is through having a team of runners @ the Falmouth Road Race. I am honored to be one of these runners and looking forward to a nice cool and no wind day next Sunday!! 

If you'd like to read and see some of the testimonials of what your donation will help us to achieve Click Here

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Thank you for joining me!

Kelli and Philip
Have a great race!
Drake DuBois $500.00
Joe Riggs $50.00
John MacCune
Good Luck Kevin and Josh!
Stephen & Susan Young
Good Luck and keep up the good work.!!
Craig Obrentz $50.00

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