The Refugee Challenge: Hope & Transformation for Families on the Run!

LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER AS ONE! #TheRefugeeChallenge #Unstoppable

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IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO DO NOTHING! - In 2016 our hearts were pierced when we experienced first hand the suffering of refugee families that had fled to Jordan, Turkey, and Greece. We were certain that we must DO SOMETHING to bring tangible love and hope to those suffering, fleeing war and terror. We have committed this year to do whatever else it takes to raise awareness and funds for the work that FaithQuest is championing as a response to the Global Refugee Crisis, with 65 million on the run, more than half being children. FaithQuest is mobilizing alliances of people, churches, and organizations to respond to these victims of war and terror. Especially those trapped in neighboring areas of Jordan, Lebanon, and Greece. In coalition with local churches and best-practices organizations including World Relief, World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, A21, Operation Mobilization, and others, together we can pour substantial fuel for real action and hope for those suffering!

The funds raised for FaithQuest will be used in 2 ways: 1/Invested by FaithQuest as a CATALYST to GREATLY multiply the dollars and effect! With 15 years experience doing just this, FaithQuest mobilizes people, churches, organizations, and businesses into networks and events that inform and excite large numbers of people, which spreads the word widely and multiplies the financial and real world impact! 2/Strategic matching fund gifts to key FaithQuest partners and impact opportunities discovered on frontline trips, for direct relief, hope, and transformation for children and families.       

We have been praying and have felt led to reach big for at least $50,000 more this year for this great need. To reach this goal and fulfill these needs, we need some large gifts at this stage candidly.  Will you pray about giving a ridiculous faith large gift? The big ones are vital, the medium ones, and the smaller ones are also very important too! TOGETHER we can do this! 

This month we leave with a team of more than 25 ministry leaders for work with the churches and refugee camps of Jordan, right on the border of Syria and Iraq. FaithQuest is championing this trip and then another one, "The Refugee Challenge", our event rallying other people, churches, and organizations for putting their faith and finances into action to serve refugees families caught homeless in Greece, and calling other people and ministries to raise funds for these children, women, and men in great need. We are praying for an additional  $250,000 will be raised at that event by these other champions joining us. We can’t do it alone, we need you! Will you join us in standing and fighting for those that can't speak for themselves? Please pray, give outrageously, and share the story to others!

You are also invited to join us to serve in Jordan Refugee Camps (starts 9/15) or Greece Refugee Camps (starts 9/21). Let us know if your interested! 

LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER AS ONE! #TheRefugeeChallenge #Unstoppable 

Nancy Flynn
My prayers are with you!
Way to go, Bob and Dawn!
Jacki Lyons
May God bless your ministry.
EME $750.00
Checks sent to FaithQuest so far
Checks can be sent to: FaithQuest - The Refugee Challenge 25016 Adelanto Drive Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Krantz fam
Love you and praying for you!
Gina Voorhees
Go for it friend! You are amazing.
Don't know you, but inspired by your posts. Blessings.
Thanks for all you do for this ministry!
Nancy Flynn
Love you guys! Go Lori, this Mimi cheering you on:-)
Jim & Lori Heaton
Woo Hoo! Way to go Lori!!! Super proud to support you and the great work God is doing through you!
Larry Priebe
Lori, I hope you make your goal. I know Edie would say that. Larry
Lana Jackson
You are awesome!! Love you-sis:)
Inspired Fan
You two are totally crazy, and you both doing whatever it takes to bring love to the suffering is awesome! I am challenging all to join in and DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, TO GET IN ON THIS! I just love that all of us acting together can make a big impact for eternity! I'm in! Matt. 25:40

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