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This will be my third visit to the World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton.

My first was in 2013. That’s me up there carrying 6.2 miles worth of mud over the finish line. My expression and appearance notwithstanding, I felt fantastic. That ice cold, post-race Shock Top never tasted so good.

Next was 2014. But there are no pictures from that race. If there were, they would show me with a grimace on my face and a cane in my hand. I was relegated to the role of cheerleader by chronic knee and back pain.

Now there’s 2015. I’ve been stretching and rolling and lifting with a vengeance. What happened between this year and last? I found religion, Brothers and Sisters – the religion of active rehabilitation and recovery – the miracle of movement. Hallelujah.


Movement is responsible for my recovery. Movement has made me feel better. Movement has improved the quality of my life. Imagine a non-profit dedicated to creating miracles from movement.

That’s Fit 4 The Cause. It raises money for health-related causes through pop-up “fun”-raising fitness events. It creates programming to help those with health-related challenges lead richer, fuller, more enjoyable lives through fitness. Its mission is to prove that the world can be a better place through fitness . . . one mud run, one cardio class, one bicycle race at a time.

Here’s the website. Check it out. See the difference it has started to make. Imagine the possibilities. It’s remarkable. It’s revolutionary. I’m so proud to be a Fit 4 The Cause evangelist. Can I get an Amen?


I’m bound and determined to raise $7,500 in support of Fit 4 The Cause and its general programming. With your help, I can do that. That’s just $25 from just 300 of you, or just $50 from just 150 of you . . . you get the picture. While more is always better, less would be just fine as well.

So, whether you like me, hate me, don’t remember me or just want to see some dirty pictures of me after the Mud Run . . . or not . . . please help me help that which helps some many others through fitness. All donations to Fit 4 The Cause are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

Bill Saunders
AD, just a dunderhead. Meant to do this soon after your April e-mail, but...oh god, I didn't. Hope it was great. Hope this contribution goes through.
Good luck!!!
KEN MILES $100.00
Stan Salomons
David, Carol and I have done this race before. You will never laugh so hard. It is tough but very rewarding. Good luck. Stan
Scott GIlmore $75.00
Mike Falsafi
Love the cause - love the message conveyed! You inspire me everyday buddy - best of luck in June at Mud Run!
Claudia Galati $50.00
George Lengvari
Wishing you the best of luck - George
Kerry Timbers
David, go get dirty!
Gus Valdespino
Leilani Downer
Do well and get good and dirty! xx
Bruno Floriani
Fred Levine
Good Luck.
ruben vassolo
David, way to come back from your injuries! We're all rooting for you!
Henry Stern
Go get em David!
Keep it up, David
Jim Garrison $250.00
Susie Worden
Good Luck David!!!
Jim Scilacci
Stay clean, if you can.
pat farmer
Go MudMan Go Tried to make this $60 in honor of the upcoming bday but the crazy software keeps auto adjusting the contribution to cover costs. Take the thought for the deed.
Tom Turley
Good story David, and great cause. Good luck on your run. Tom
Steve Franklin $25.00
Stephanie Warren $25.00
Lee Troxler
Man, that is one scary pic. Please -- run, walk, glide, but get thee onward!
Harold Hofer
Good luck Dave!! Sound like fun and a great cause. Hof
Michael Feinstein
If you are going to run in the mud for 6+ miles, how can I not donate to this great cause! Good luck, Michael.
Michael Conway
David - You are a madman for doing this! Good luck and don't hurt yourself :)
Break a leg! Or, actually this isn't the Don't! YOU'RE THE BEST WHAT A GREAT CAUSE!
You go!
Nicole Mixdorf
Great job making a difference! Have fun!
Jessica & Stuart Yasukochi
Good luck on the Mud Run. It looks like tons of fun and for such a great cause.
Go David!
Dave Knott
Good luck counselor!
Amy & Chris Evans
We love getting dirty! Have a great time!
Bryan J
Looks like FUN! Good luck
Barbara C. Oberman
Hey David, Good for you! I am impressed! ~ Barbara
Eric Bosworth
Way to go David! Let me know if you need some insurance b4 u get too far along! Good luck.
Kim Appleby
Waiting for the dirty pictures! ;)
Danielle Goldberg
Woo good luck have FUN!!!
Bruce Z Walker
Debra Gentz
Good luck!!!
The Kubo Kirschenbaum Family
It ain't the destination, it is the journey! Have fun!
Adam K Treiger
Dianne Gubin
Great job Dave!!!!!
Davis Beckham
Good for you. I think I'll be a the Relay for Life walking while you're getting dirty! Have to hand it to you, that looks like a challenge! Good luck!
David Lillington
Nice legs Dirty Dave! Good luck to you buddy!
The Wife $25.00
Cindy Nexon
go david go!

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