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Adrienne will be undergoing treatment for lichen sclerosus, lets help out Preview

Fairies and Angels are real.  We can all be angels and fairies if we choose to be.

I didn't really believe in such things as fairies, until I met my wife, Adrienne.  I saw her as an answer to my prayers and still see her as a magical being.  She opened my eyes to so many magical and beautiful things that I will forever be indebted to her.  I have come to learn that when we are in the service of another, we truly do become magical beings.  Beings that transcend this mortal coil. 

At this time in our lives, we are calling upon your help.  Every bit helps.  I have had the fortune of marrying someone who truly is selfless and rarely asks for much, so in her behalf and mine, please answer the call to help my dear wife, your dear friend, your dear sister, in her time of need.  

Dear Angels:  Please read on, give what you can and share with whom you are inspired to share with.  May your generosity be returned in the magical form of that which you may stand in need of.



Lichen Sclerosus is a painful, life altering illness

Adrienne began experiencing painful symptoms in 2004. After many years of painful treatments as doctors guessed at a diagnosis, she was finally diagnosed with lichen sclerosus by biopsy in 2012. Lichen sclerosus is a painful autoimmune disease of the skin, specifically in this case, the perineum, where your own body attacks your skin. Approximately 1 in 100 women are diagnosed, but many Drs speculate that actual women who get the disease in their lifetime may be as high as 1 in 30. Wearing clothes, walking, using the bathroom, intimacy, sleeping and many other everyday tasks are extremely uncomfortable. During flare ups it is not uncommon to have cuts and bleeding. It causes atrophy of the surrounding tissue.  It can also lead to other disease as it progresses. Adrienne has been diagnosed with dyspareunia and vulvodynia as well, these are consequences of the lichen sclerosus. 

Lichen Sclerosus significantly increases risk of skin cancer and treatment options here are poor

Adrienne has also been cautioned to worry about it developing into skin cancer, which her mother died from at age 46. The really bad news is that here in the states the treatment is to use powerful steroids forever and never get better. The steroids are not only expensive, but as lichen sclerosus is listed as a possible side effect of usage, many do not respond. This has been the case for Adrienne.  She has also been given oral sedatives, physical therapy, anxiety medication, topical numbing medications and antidepressants to prevent her from being overwhelmed by the symptoms. 

A real cure IS possible

The good news is that a medical Dr. in Genoa, Italy has developed a threefold treatment in which his patients have had close to a 90% successful remission rate with a single treatment and near 100% with two treatments. He has been treating 400-500 women per year at the worlds only Lichen Sclerosus clinic at the hospital of Genoa, Italy since 2006.  There are no adverse side effects.  The treatment consists of collecting her own tissue and injecting it into the affected areas.

Adrienne and her family need your help

Adrienne is hoping to raise money for her own treatment and associated travel expenses and nominal support to assist in child-care in her absence. The lichen sclerosus treatment is a total of $4000 for stem cell, platelet-rich blood plasma and adipose tissue injections. This includes a first appointment, collection of her blood and fat tissue, extraction, centrifuging, injections, treatment appointment, and a final recheck appointment.  

Adrienne hopes that through this experience she can build a non-profit helping other women do  the same.

Because Adrienne has coincidentally lived in the same area of Italy before, she is very comfortable with traveling there. She has dreams of building a non-profit organization helping first to educate women about this underdiagnosed disease and secondly to facilitate their treatment, offer support and counseling. For many traveling to a foreign country for medical treatment sounds difficult, but with someone to help make it comfortable it can change their lives.  

Any money collected over her goal will be directed toward starting this non-profit organization

Alyssa Graeber $20.00
Aunt Genie $500.00
Luke and Sandy Markes
Wishing you a Speedy recovery Adrienne. Safe travels. You're in our thoughts. Mark, call me if you need anything and try not to mess up the house while Adrienne is away. Best Regards,
The Adams Family
We're hoping,praying for 100% recovery, with a few enjoyable moments in Italy. Sincerely, Chris, Michaela, Bronson, Nash
Wishing you healing and more joy in this journey, Adrienne. You got a keeper in Mark - drove me to seminary for a few years early morning. Good guy. All the best to you. Keri
Kathy Kiper
Mark, Wish I could donate more to you and your fam
JC Nunez
Our prayers are with Adrienne and your family. The Nunez Family
Dean Tormey $50.00
jim polzin $100.00
Randy and Tarry Fraley
Hope all goes well. I will keep you and your family in my prayers
Joel Parker
Hope it's a great success Mark
Liz W.
Wishing you the best
My prayers include your family.
"Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need." Khalil Gibran
Ed & Rachel $50.00
Christina Earle
Mark & Adrienne, You are all in my prayers and I think about you all the time. I hope this helps. I wish I could do more! Safe Travels! Much Love, Christina
Cap' & Bat Girl
The sorrow, pain, and darkness in life truly help us to savor every bit of joy, good health, and light. Praying for safe travels and tremendous results that can be savored every day after this trial is over!
Jeramy Henson
Mark and Adrienne, I do hope and pray that this helps with your trip. I will pray not only that your medical treatment is successful, but also that it brings beautiful memories for you and your family for many years to come. I believe in prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit to comfort and heal you completely. Please stay positive and continue to give thanks for every moment we have
Praying for your wife Mark!
Chris Rivas
Good luck on your journey. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of your family!
Ted and Julie Taylor
Good luck Mark and Adrienne. Our thoughts are with you. Lots of love from Colorado.
Louis Tolentino
You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers Mark.
Isabella Coath $100.00
Not much but hopefully it adds up.
Sending lots of love and peace to you guys!
David Hamaker
I don't have much but she can have it.
Lovrin's $20.00
Leanna Bennett
I pray she gets the treatment she needs and it helps her. God bless
The Valison Family
Mark and Adrienne, we were so sorry to hear this news about your health and absolutely want to help. Sending prayers and good healthy vibes your way! Much Love!
Tim, Christine, Jessica, Isabel and Penny Ong
Mark and Adrienne, our prayers are with you and your family for a successful treatment and cure! The House of Ong
Stephen Dale
God bless and stay strong. You have a lot of love and support from above.
Sunday and Tore Pearson
May God bless you both!! Keep us informed how things go.
James Misakian
hope this helps. all my best to Adrienne...
Anonymous $30.00
sue bullock
Love you brother. Healing thoughts and vibes for Adrianne!
Alice Ludwig
Hi Mark, I am happy to contribute to Adrienne's cause. You two are very special people and I am very hopeful for a positive outcome. Love to you both and your family. Alice
Wendi Bergin
Good luck. I'll keep you in my prayers. I'm so glad there is hope available.
Bill Reynolds $50.00
Cap' & Bat Girl
What a beautiful page Mark. Thank you so much for reaching out to us! Sending our love and prayers.
The Stone Family $100.00
Michael Gatto
You guys are always in my prayers. I Love all of you.
Jerry and Sarah Cook $30.00
Jara and Rodney
We love you both so much. Hope everything goes better than expected!! :)
Jean M. Holt
We love you Adie and wish you healing. Love, Tom, Jeanne, Cherie & Leo
Kathy Brown
Mark, I hope you get to your goal amount. Love and prayers to your family.
Ron Mortensen
My best to you and your wife. I hope that the treatment will be all that she needs. Continue to take good care of her.
Anonymous $10.00
Russ Turpin
Good Luck. Love you guys.
Renee Turpin
Wish I could help out more. Love you guys. Best of luck A.
Pauline Turpin
God's opening the path for good health and to establish Adrienne's dream. Love you all.
Anthony Ulibarri $100.00
Jara and Rodney Paeu
Mark, We have always felt so grateful to have your family in our lives and to call you all friend. Hope everything goes beautifully and that Adrienne receives the care she deserves to have a pain free body. Love you all, Rodney and Jara
Blessings Adrienne.

October 13, 2014 12:34 PM

Dear friends and family who have supported us with thoughts, prayers, fasting, white light, good vibes, money and everything else…

In behalf of myself and my wife Adrienne, we wish to express our gratitude to you.

I am happy to announce that Adrienne has recently returned home from her medical-travel (as some of you may already know), and her body is responding perfectly to the procedure. Outside of the healing from the procedure itself, she already sees and feels the success of it!  She has a renewed outlook on life and much like a butterfly who's shed its' cocoon and stretches its wings for first time, is ready to soar!

She is now dedicating her time and efforts to share the path of healing for other women who suffer from LS and will be doing so by creating a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, awareness and facilitation of this modern miracle.

If anyone has experience, knowledge, resources or knows someone who is familiar with what it takes to successfully run a NP, please share. Marketing, campaigning and events coordination experience would also be helpful.

In closing, I wish again to acknowledge you all in this process of healing. I have personally come to a deeper understanding of healing in general. That we truly are capable of healing ourselves but that the help and support of others are usually a necessary element in that process. Blessings of love and happiness to all.


September 30, 2014 4:58 PM

God Has Aligned the Stars

Today is the "last" day of our fund drive for Adrienne's medical procedure.  I picked this day, as it marks the day she goes in for treatment.  We were able to reach 60% of our goal!!!!  Thanks to YOU, we have done it!  Although we did not raise 100% of the goal, I consider it a success.  Without you, we wouldn't have been able to have the hope of even getting this far.  

This has been a huge leap of faith to set the Dr. appointment, knowing we did not have the means.  In a previous update, I expressed my confidence in the Lord, that we would be able to raise the money and he has delivered.

In addition to you angels, that have come to our rescue, God has aligned the stars...

You see, because I was able to take time off of work, and because my mother was able to come down to help with the kids and the house chores, I was able to take on a paint job for an old client/dear friend who is opening up another one of their restaurants.  It so happens that the timing of the project aligns perfectly for me to do the work over the next several days!  I was able to secure a deposit on the job that is sufficient to pay for the balance of Adrienne's medical expense.    

Adrienne would like to personally send thank you cards to those of you who have donated, so please email me your addresses.  Here is my personal email:

It is with heartfelt gratitude that extend our love and appreciation to you all and invoke the blessings of heaven upon you individually that your needs may be met, that your days be full of light, your nights be blanketed in peace and that your hearts be filled with love



September 28, 2014 5:49 AM

Europe Bound...

Yesterday afternoon we drove Adie to SF and said our "see ya later's".  She sent a brief email this morning from London, "I'm here, love you.  Talk soon.  Its really lovely".

September 22, 2014 2:18 AM

A dedication to all those who have given and who will yet give....

September 15, 2014 7:55 AM

A Message From Adrienne:

Dear Friends and Family,

Every September the children find caterpillars and chrysalides in the passionvine outside my bedroom window. They line up jars of them in the window sills, faithfully feeding the caterpillars and patiently waiting. They emerge in a flash, no one in the family has witnessed it. We may glance in all the jars, still and motionless and a moment later a butterfly is slowly flapping, as if it was there all along.

I was releasing a butterfly with my son a few days ago and reflected on this yearly ritual. This year, the grass under my feet completely dry, the passionvine merely a few strands, and still, caterpillars eating every leaf. Perhaps there are less butterflies this year, but those who are living just go on doing what butterflies do. I realized then, that what was best for me was a personal communion with nature at that moment. Nature, which for the last few months had given me anxiety over apocalyptic drought and the slow death of my garden. Nature, damaged and headed toward certain doom. Yet, still consistently trudging on.

And then I considered my treatment. My own body's ability to heal lies within. My very own cells will heal me. What a revelation!

And there’s more! The perfection that lies within ecosystems is the intrinsic value of each species. Everyone depends on each other. I thought really hard about all of this, about butterflies, caterpillars, apocalypses, intrinsic value, stars and space. I realize that many of you have meant so much to me and that those who I don’t know mean so much to someone who I do. We have all depended on the whole planet full of life, throughout all time and history to make us what we are and to make those who we love what they are.

I have been trying to save money to have this treatment for three years. Every year something different happens. This last year was especially difficult as I completely spent my savings, and then some, taking care of my father and his debts during and after his illness and death. And of course, the more stressful life is, the worse my disease is and the worse my disease is, the more stressful life is. I hit a wall. So, as fearful as it was, I suggested to Mark that we ask for help. A few family members had already offered and I thought maybe we could just set up a little thing and make it easy for everyone.

I am more than grateful for all the contributions. I am thankful that these hard times are easier because of your thoughts and interest and prayers.  I know many of you contributed major sacrifices.  Here is the thing: I feel an obligation to go through with this, more than ever. I feel interconnected to all of you. I have people depending on me to get better, and its not my immediate family anymore. I can’t back out now. No more self defeat.  My worries over money, work, drought, butterflies and spilled milk are being replaced by a sense of obligation to get better. It’s all of those who have stepped up to help me, to hold me accountable, and that’s a good thing!

Thank you.

As a last note: Mark mentioned that the only clinic dedicated to Lichen Sclerosus treatment is in Italy. I went to Italy after my mother died as a place where I thought I might find a passion for living again, for healing. And, years later, when I realized that something was very wrong with my body I was living there, a stones throw from the clinic. It opened that summer, but I had no idea what disease I had yet. What I knew was: when I spent hours in the salty water of the sea or in the streams that flowed with mineral springs I felt better and it was the only place I felt well.

When I spoke to the Dr., he scheduled my first appointment for September 29th, twelve months since I moved my father here and exactly 11 months since my Father died; a much more painful year than I thought it would be. I get to return and to heal once again, perhaps so quickly it will be as a chrysalis in a jar, the next moment drying my wings.

Much Love, blessings and good health to all of you,


P.s. By the time the page got to almost 200 visitors 5 people had approached/emailed me that they also had L.S. Of those five, four spoke of extremely painful sex, itchy sleepless nights, anxiety, stress, loads of medication. One felt that steroids helped, mostly. I now feel strengthened in my desire to help women get treatment and education for the management and cure. I hope to offer others what all of you have given me.  

September 6, 2014 1:09 AM


I thank you for your kindness, for your thoughts, your words, and your deeds.  I have begun to see a few of you post on your social media and likewise, have been emailing others in hopes of spreading the word.  Thank you.

We have 25 days left to reach our goal of $7500.  That's just $4980 more.  Yes, we have raised $2520 so far!  

That has allowed Adrienne to book her main round trip airfare, as well as the smaller connections via (trains, planes and automobiles) to get to Genoa, Italy.  It has even paid for her accommodations for the first few days.  In other words, we've basically gotten her there!  Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!

Now we need to secure the money for the actual procedure, and keep set her up for a few days while she recuperates. She'll need to eat and sleep somewhere.    

The way I see it, its easy enough.  "Many hands make hard work light"...or something like that.  

We've had 258 visitors to the site.  Subtract (- 27) supporters who have raised $2520.  That's 231 people who have not yet chosen to give.  Perhaps they haven't done so because they couldn't give as much as others.  Its true, some of you have given abundantly.  But what if those 231 visitors each gave $22?  That would bring us across the finish line!  Or what if each of those 231 people invited 1 other person and they each gave $10?  

What if those 231 visitors choose not to give at all?  The average of donation of the 27 individuals who have donated equals ~ $93 each.  That means 53 new visitors would have to give $93.  

25 days left to reach our goal.  That's a $200 average donation a day

The truth is...I have asked God for this gift and I put all my faith in him and already see the goal being met in my mind's eye and I thank him.  You see,  I believe him when he says "ask and it shall be given".  I know that more of his children will answer the call and we will all be blessed individually and as a universal family.  

Already, my life has been enriched and I personally have experienced healing of my heart and soul through this process of reaching out to you all.   

All my best,


September 1, 2014 6:20 PM

3-2-1...Blast off...

Three: letters...."W-O-W"!   Two: words..."Thank You!"  One: round trip ticket...To Europe!

We are so grateful for your donations, thoughts and prayers.  With the money you have gifted, Adie has been able to secure her airfare!  This alone is a huge burden lifted.  She has spent many a nights researching travel sites and waiting for price-drops, trying to keep costs low, while at the same time minimizing layover and flight times!  

Some say money is evil;  I know better.  It's what you do with it.  We treat your donations with reverence. 

  • Adie will be flying out in 25 days! She will then travel via local commuter transports to get her to the town of Genoa, Italy where she'll be able to begin the process of healing.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers and to share the invitation to donate within your circles of influence. 

We still need to pay for: 

  1. local commuting 
  2. lodging 
  3. food
  4. the medical treatment

Blessings and Love to you all.

- Mark

August 22, 2014 5:07 AM

Thank you, thank you, thank you - to all of you that have donated so quickly already! Your kindness and sacrifice in our behalf is truly appreciated and your kind comments warm our hearts. And thank you to those who have visited the site and are planning on donating and are spreading the word.  I also invite you to click on the "SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES" button.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about LS.  We acknowledge that most of you had no idea of Adie's struggles, and to many, this has come as a surprise. She is a tough woman!  

Despite her toughness and ability to "live with it", she has had some tough times.  In the midst of learning of the disease and watching it spread and become more unbearable, with sleepless nights, she has had a number of stressful events take place in her life, such as 3 child home births, the loss of an uncle, then her father and all that comes with realizing she no longer has parents here on earth.  On top of that, my own ignorance, denial and lack of empathy and support has been an undue challenge for her to bare.  Adie, forgive me.

I still do not and can not truly understand the degree of pain and discomfort she has had to bare for these several years and still bares to this moment.  Neither do I totally appreciate what it must feel like to be told you have been diagnosed with an incurable disease that slowly takes your livelihood and possibly your life.  NO CURE.   How does one deal with news like that? Those words "NO CURE" echo in the recesses of your mind.  In one instant - your life is altered.  

Fortunately, she don't like taking "no" for an answer. :)  And neither do I.  We have prayed and fasted through it all; meditated, visualized and projected a return to perfect health, knowing that with God, nothing is impossible.  Disciplining the mind, controlling thoughts and emotions-a truly difficult but necessary process.

Despite her battles with stress, anxiety and depression, she has maintained a positive attitude and has focused her efforts on her family and friends.  All the while, doing hours of relentless research, learning more about the disease than even her doctors knew.  That is when she came across a website dedicated to Lichen Sclerosus ( wherein she found a section on "Cell Therapy" that had been pioneered by a Doctor in Italy.  Italy, of all places!  A magical place for Adie.  A place where she had studied art, a place where she had returned for solace after the loss of her mother to cancer, a place she had taken me and the kids just a few years ago.  A place where she will yet return, once again to be healed, thanks to you all.

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