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Thank you for visiting my support page! Let me tell you a bit about Thrive School! Most students join Thrive School intending on completing a Two-Year Certificate in their chosen Major. This will be my second year, and my major is Worship Leadership! :) Thrive School of Worship aims to challenge students rigorously & give them responsibility so that they can become greater worship leaders & have greater ministry careers, equipping students like me to make a difference in this generation & future! Some requirements for students include moving into host homes that provide essential resources, attending devotional groups & classes, taking lessons, writing/sharing music, leading worship for different age groups, learning about professional-level production & sound technology, assisting in ministry outreaches, as well as developing many other skills! :) (If you are interested in knowing more details about this program, feel free to read about it on the website-->(

But, I need YOU.

I need your support and prayers to help me cover the costs for tuition, college classes, mission trips, supplies, and living expenses that will be wrapped up in these next 10 months dedicated to Kingdom impact through Thrive School of Worship! (which will continue to be the mission even after the program is completed, of course ;) ) 

Thrive school is challenging, it is a lot of responsibility, and requires much humility & faith! but people don't become great by taking it easy. It's sometimes refreshing to have so much expected of us. It gives us the opportunity to rise to the occasion! and it's one of many ways we get to experience God's faithfulness! There is so much encouragement where friends & family extend their hand to be a blessing & a part of the dream coming true. I am so happy & grateful to be able to pursue the calling God has placed on my life, knowing that loved ones & people with a shared vision, can come along side of me to make an even greater impact on the world. Feel free to contact me and/or to ask any questions through my email & please send me any prayer requests you may have that in which I may come along side YOU. I will be keeping you updated of our journey, on my blog! If you are interested please send me an email address so I can be sure you are up to date with all the exciting experiences that are Thrive School! and all it entails :)

I could never express enough gratitude to you, & to God our Father, for your support & for being such a huge blessing!

May He multiply it unto you all the more-& to Him be all the Glory, Forever.

With many many thanks & much love, 


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Love you!!
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