Boar's Head Brigade Courageous Challenge


UPDATE: Alpha Company lead by c/CPT Isabella Hurst is leading the Charge! They met their orginal goal of $2000, then $5000 and now have a new goal of $6500.  Way to go Alpha! 

“THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” These were the words Chaplain (LTC) Ken Koon founder of Armed Forces Mission and the Courageous Challenge shared with 200 cadets gathered on Livesey Field for NCO training. It was May 8th, two days after we lost Cadet Blake Oviedo.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL is also the rally cry for the 2021 Boar’s Head Brigade Courageous Challenge on September 25th. Alpha Company needs your support in raising funds for the Challenge. Our Company goal is $2000. Seven members of Alpha Company will knock out as many push ups as possible in 21 minutes all for the purpose of raising awareness and funds to turn the tide on suicide at UNG and throughout the region.

Your support is the real key to success which has allowed Armed Forces Mission to conduct more than 1600 successful suicide interventions. Your support also helps provide the Listen Learn Lead curriculum that is used in the training of community members to build a culture of mental health. More than 20,000 individuals have been trained nationwide. UNG and the North Georgia region are a high priority mission in training thousands more.

On August 12th 27 Cadet leaders were trained in the model that is saving lives. Your support makes it possible to sustain this ongoing training initiative because this is not a drill. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for individuals under the age of 30 and 1 in 10 people have thoughts of suicide each year.

Alpha Company will push up through the pain and we ask for your support so that those at risk can find hope in their pain.


Alpha Company

James Moloney $20.00
HP Matching Funds
Outstanding Performance!
You’ve helped to create a movement to turn the tide on veteran Suicide! I’m overwhelmed at how Alpha Company and Alpha Company leadership worked this project from start to finish! Never quit!!
Something Outta Nothing
Godspeed to A Co. Very proud to be member of your team.
Anonymous $75.00
Patrick & Margie Green
Matthew Anderson $20.00
Mordechai Kitaeff
Death before Dishonor
Cornelius Andrews
Death Before Dishonor
Robert Thompson $10.00
Robert Thompson
Anonymous $20.00
Mendel C. Brotnov $10.00
Sedzro Sarah $20.00
Alex Becker $20.00
Avah Liverman $20.00
Hyunbean Park
Hyunbean Park Death Before Dishonor
Alpha is awesome. Great job!
Freedom Hill Farms $250.00
Connor Moore $20.00
Matthew Mitchell $20.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jeslyn Kim
Kobey cross $10.00
Maxwell Farmer
Give someone else a sleep-in because I misspelled your abbreviation ma’am
Dylan Green
High Speed, Low drag
Max Farmer
CTP. Hurst, please distribute the extra sleep ins as you see fit. Let’s get this taken care of! -Max Farmer
Thatcher Crowder
Joseph Di Sarli $10.00
Kobey Cross $10.00
Wyatt Blount
I'm ready for my sleep in.
Henderson, Conard
Truth and Lactose
Christian Brooks $10.00
Bellana C Bradley
Death Before Dishonor!
Christian Brooks $200.00
Thatcher, I am happy to support you in this very important cause. Keep up the good work
Joseph James Decker
Let's keep it going
Will Garner, Colonel U.S. Army (Retired) $50.00
Tony and Judy Novak $50.00
Taylor Elkins $20.00
Colonel (R) Doug Hurst
Death before dishonor
Martin Family
Larry Green
Tío Alex $100.00
Ana Sofia
Sally Merrifield
Greg Becker
Thank you Alpha Company!
Anonymous $50.00
Christian Brooks $100.00
Proud of you Cadet Hurst! Way to lead!
Robert Wermuth $50.00
Ray and Lynn Miller $50.00
Anonymous Matching Funds Challenge
Congratulations Alpha Company. Now knock out those push ups!
Anonymous $1,500.00
Uncle Doug, Aunt Nissie, and Grandmother
We are proud of you, Cadet Max Farmer
Kevin Estep
Thatcher $200.00
Mariette Brotnov
Go Alpha!
Kathy Booth $100.00
Audrey Miller $50.00
Amelia Farmer $50.00
Y’all can do this!!!
The Farmer Family $100.00
Mark & Dana Brooks

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